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Understanding the Women’s Pro Tour #1

July 20, 2009 Singapore Tennis Lessons 0

photo credit:mptsk The women’s professional tennis tour is commonly referred to as the WTA Tour. Part of the WTA’s responsibilities is to sell sponsorship naming rights in order to increase financial backing for women’s professional tennis. As a result of sponsorship rights, the official name of the women’s professional tennis tour is the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour.  Firstly, […]

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Understanding the Men’s Pro Tour #1

July 19, 2009 Singapore Tennis Lessons 2

photo credit:GavinZ The men’s professional tennis tour was renamed in January 2009, to the ATP World Tour. Despite this re-branding, the men’s tour is more commonly referred to by its former name, The ATP Tour. Constant name changing and repackaging by the ATP only serves to leave tennis followers even more confused about the […]

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Have the 20’s Replaced the Teens?

July 18, 2009 Singapore Tennis Lessons 5

Who are the leading teenagers on the WTA tour? What are the chances that a Teen Queen will win the women’s singles title at the US Open? It is NOT very likely. OnCourt Advantage is throwing down the challenge to be proven wrong. The power game of women’s tennis has made it increasingly more […]

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So WHY didn’t Andy Roddick Win? #2

July 15, 2009 Singapore Tennis Lessons 0

If Andy Roddick had played more like the traditional Wimbledon champions by using a serve and volley every now and then, he too could have been a Wimbledon champion. This is how Andy Roddick could have used OnCourt Advantage’s basic formula for winning: If Roddick would have used the 4-step process at least for the […]

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So WHY didn’t Andy Roddick Win? #1

July 14, 2009 Singapore Tennis Lessons 0

Andy Roddick’s level of performance in the Wimbledon final was better than Roger Federer’s yet he did not win. WHY? The way Roddick played the game (as opposed to how well he performed), was the reason he lost the match. Roddick did not give himself the best chance to win. For this, Roddick’s coach […]