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How to WIN Tennis Matches

July 31, 2009 Singapore Tennis Lessons 1

Everyone likes to win their tennis matches, yet when the game is in the balance or when the opportunity arises to win the match or set, that is when most players suffer from anxiety, self-doubt or panic. At these times in a match you want to work on being relaxed, confident […]

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How to Concentrate and Achieve FOCUS

July 25, 2009 Singapore Tennis Lessons 2

written by pro tennis coach Jay Davern If you REALLY put your mind to it you will be far more successful in whatever you do. The biggest problem for every tennis player is that they are NOT trained and skilled enough in the most important aspect of tennis, the mental game. […]

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So WHY didn’t Andy Roddick Win? #2

July 15, 2009 Singapore Tennis Lessons 0

If Andy Roddick had played more like the traditional Wimbledon champions by using a serve and volley every now and then, he too could have been a Wimbledon champion. This is how Andy Roddick could have used OnCourt Advantage’s basic formula for winning: If Roddick would have used the 4-step process at least for the […]

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So WHY didn’t Andy Roddick Win? #1

July 14, 2009 Singapore Tennis Lessons 0

Andy Roddick’s level of performance in the Wimbledon final was better than Roger Federer’s yet he did not win. WHY? The way Roddick played the game (as opposed to how well he performed), was the reason he lost the match. Roddick did not give himself the best chance to win. For this, Roddick’s coach […]