Girls ITF Junior World Rankings

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Top 10 Girls ITF Singles rankings at 5 October 2015:

  1. Dalma GALFI 17 years from Hungary (1,373.75 points)
  2. Marketa VONDROUSOVA 16 years old from Czech Republic (1,185)
  3. Sofia KENIN 16 years from USA (1057.50)
  4. Anna BLINKOVA 17 years from Russia (932.50)
  5. Tereza MIHALIKOVA 17 years from Slovakia (917.50)
  6. Katie SWAN 16 years from Great Britain (870.00)
  7. Charlotte ROBILLARD-MILLETTE from Canada (865)
  8. Fanni STOLLAR 16 year from Hungary (856.25)
  9. Usue Maitane ARCONADA 16 years from USA (850.00)
  10. Anna KALINSKAYA 16 years from Russia (832.50)

The number in brackets is the ITF Junior ranking points calculated from each players’ best 6 singles and best 6 doubles results. Below you can see the final year-end Top 10 singles rankings for the year indicated.

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2014 Top 10 Girls ITF Singles year-end rankings:

1. Catherine BELLIS 08 Apr 1999 from USA (1,190 points)
2. XU Shilin 10 Jan 1998 from China (1,135)
3. Iryna SHYMANOVICH 30 Jun 1997 from Belarus (974.38)
4. Jil TEICHMANN 15 Jul 1997 from Switzerland (970)
5. Darya KASATKINA 07 May 1997 from Russia (965.63)
6. Kristina SCHMIEDLOVA 06 Aug 1997 from Slovakia (945.63)
7. Marie BOUZKOVA 21 Jul 1998 from Czech Republic (880)
8. Jelena OSTAPENKO 08 Jun 1997 from Latvia (878.75)
9. Paula BADOSA GIBERT 15 Nov 1997 from Spain (853.75)
10. Aliona BOLSOVA ZADOINOV 06 Nov 1997 from Spain (852.50)

2013 Top 10 Girls ITF Singles year-end rankings:

      1. Belinda BENCIC born 10 March 1997 from Switzerland (2,017.50 points)
      2. Ana KONJUH born 27 December 1997 from Croatia (1,312.50)
      3. Varvara FLINK born 13 December 1996 from Russia (1,205)
      4. Barbora KREJCIKOVA born 18 December 1995 from Czech Republic (1,167.50)
      5. Ivana JOROVIC born 3 May 1997 from Serbia (985)
      6. Katerina SINIAKOVA born 10 May 1996 from Czech Republic (970)
      7. Tornado Alicia BLACK born 12 May 1998 from USA (910)
      8. Darya KASATKINA Na born 7 May 1997 from Russia (854.38)
      9. Louisa CHIRICO born 16 May 1996 from USA (835)
      10. Elise MERTENS born 17 November 1995 from Belgium (832.50)

2012 Top 10 Girls ITF Singles year-end rankings:

1. Taylor TOWNSEND 16 Apr 1996 from USA (1,430.00 points)
2. Katerina SINIAKOVA 10 May 1996 from Czech Republic (1,058.75)
3. Eugenie BOUCHARD 25 Feb 1994 from Canada (1,027.50)
4. Ana KONJUH 27 Dec 1997 from Croatia (975.00)
5. Antonia LOTTNER 13 Aug 1996 from Germany (833.75)
6. Francoise ABANDA 05 Feb 1997 from Canada (807.50)
7. Marcela ZACARIAS 26 Mar 1994 from Mexico (795.00)
8. Petra UBERALOVA 11 Apr 1995 from Slovakia (775.00)
9. Belinda BENCIC 10 Mar 1997 from Switzerland (756.25)
10. Elizaveta KULICHKOVA 12 Apr 1996 from Russia (742.50)






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