Men’s ATP Tour World Rankings

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The Top 10 ATP Tour singles world rankings as of 16 October 2017 are:

  1. 10,465 – Rafael NADAL born 3 June 1986 from Spain
  2. 8,505 – Roger FEDERER born 8 August 1981 from Switzerland
  3. 5,290 – Andy MURRAY born 15 May 1987 from Great Britain
  4. 4,505 – Marin CILIC born 28 September 1988 from Croatia
  5. 4,400 – Alexander ZVEREV born 20 April 1997 from Germany
  6. 3,935 – Dominic THIEM born 3 September 1993 from Austria
  7. 3,765 – Novak DJOKOVIC born 22 May 1987 from Serbia
  8. 3,590 – Grigor DIMITROV born 16 May 1991 from Bulgaria
  9. 3,450 – Stanislas WAWRINKA born 28 March 1985 from Switzerland
  10. 2,885 – David GOFFIN born 7 December 1990 from Belgium

The number prior to the player’s name is their ranking points total.

The rankings listed on this page will be updated every Monday in accordance with when the official ATP rankings change each week after all of the tennis scores have been finalised from each tournament held that week.

The exception is when a Grand Slam event or Indian Wells or Miami is on because those tournaments run for more than one week, so the rankings are updated after a fortnight just for those 6 tournaments each year.


  1. Also on Federer read people what Rafael Nadal has spoken about to the press and how disappointed hi is in Federer as their president and how he really has no attitude about his fellow players as he is trying to put out his image. People are not always what they seem. Read people and learn.

  2. Federer is HISTORY he will win here and there, he has past his prime in tennis. Also there is nothing wrong with Novak and his attitude, but people will choose not to like him. Just think such a small country that was in such a turmoil gave birth to such grat talents.

    We are proud and have such greats as Novak, and lets not forget we have many other sports that we are just CHAMPIONS.

  3. for me FEDS might be a silent comeback this year, as what he showed last ATP tournaments. he did well, winning six times ATP world champion……………………………..Common FEDS!

  4. Thus endeth all the talk about Rafa being the GOAT. Five beatdowns of Rafa in a row–Joker is the new Nemesis!

  5. I like Federer because his srehand shot is just superb.
    Nadal aces are the turning points of the match.
    Andy Murray is cool.
    Djokvic pushes his opoonent on the bacfoot.

  6. I like all the players,I prefer the mens tennis and I especially like Federer,I really hope he can get another Wimbledon this year.

  7. I love Djokovic, I love Murray, but my favorite, John Isner isn’t in the top 10! 🙁 Hopefully, he will be soon! <3

  8. I don’t like the way Djokovic behaves,he won’t make a true champion like Federer and Nadal,I think he’s a bad example for Tennis as are his parents and coaches. This is my opinion as well as other tennis lovers.

  9. Surely a good tennis player, but very undisciplined. The responsible organizers should eliminate every player who is destroying his tennis-racket. There are many poor kids in this world who would be happy to get such a racket, but their parents are too poor to buy one. This is also very much the fault of the responsible persons not to punish immediately any player who is destroying his racket or is spitting on the tennis yard. The decadence is growing.
    Fortunately R. Federer is a good example for good behavior.

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