Brisbane Tennis 2015 Women’s Schedule of Play

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The 2015 Brisbane International women’s championships are the 7th time the women’s singles tournament will be held.

The specifics of what the schedule of play is for every day i.e. what time play commences for each session and which round is being played are listed to make it easier for you to follow, watch and/or attend this tournament.

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The schedule of play for the 2015 Brisbane International women’s singles tournament is:

Main Draw:

Sunday 4 January: 1st round from 11am;
Monday 5 January: 1st round from 11am and 7pm;
Tuesday 6 January: 2nd round from 11am and 7pm;
Wednesday 7 January: 2nd round from 11am and 7pm;
Thursday 8 January: Quarter Finals from 11am and 7pm;
Friday 9 January: Semi Finals from 11am and 7pm; and
Saturday 10 January: Women’s Singles Final at 7pm.

Please note that the tournament management can alter the schedule from day to day.