Hopman Cup 2013 Schedule of Play

The Hopman Cup is the International Tennis Federation’s (ITF) only Mixed Team Championships. Hopman Cup XXV begins on 29 December 2012 and the Final will be played on Saturday 5 January. To watch the tennis in Singapore the times are the same as listed below. Further details, including how to buy tickets, “Like” and “Follow” Hopman Cup, the new venue, where it is exactly, the court surface and prize money are covered here-> Hyundai Hopman Cup 2013.

The 2013 Hopman Cup has an 8-team draw, which is split into two groups – Group A and Group B. Each team in each group plays a round robin match against the other three nations in their own group. The format for each 3-match tie begins with a women’s singles match followed by a men’s singles match and finishing with a mixed doubles match.

Pictured above is current World No.1 Novak DJOKOVIC just after making contact with the ball for this forehand groundstroke at the 2012 ATP Tour Finals in London. The 25-year-old from Serbia recently moved into 11th place for most weeks spent ranked at No.1 (60 weeks as at 17 December 2012), of the 25 men who have achieved the World No.1 ATP Tour ranking since computerised rankings were introduced in 1973.

The 1.88m Djokovic played the Hopman Cup in 2008 and 2011 then went on to win the Australian Open men’s singles title in those years. The 5-time Grand Slam singles champion is playing his fifth Hopman Cup in 2013 hoping it will prepare him to win a third straight Australian Open.

Please note that the tournament management can alter the schedule from day to day and that all times listed below are local times in Perth, Australia i.e. Western Standard Time.

The schedule of play for the 2013 Hopman Cup event is:

  • Saturday 29 December: SPAIN versus SOUTH AFRICA at 10am;
  • Saturday 29 December: GERMANY versus AUSTRALIA at 5:45pm;
  • Sunday 30 December: USA versus SOUTH AFRICA at 10am;
  • Sunday 30 December: SPAIN versus FRANCE at 5:45pm;
  • Monday 31 December: SERBIA versus ITALY at 10am;
  • Tuesday 1 January: USA versus FRANCE at 5:45pm;
  • Wednesday 2 January: ITALY versus GERMANY at 10am;
  • Wednesday 2 January: SERBIA versus AUSTRALIA at 5:45pm;
  • Thursday 3 January: USA versus SPAIN at 10am;
  • Thursday 3 January: ITALY versus AUSTRALIA at 5:45pm;
  • Friday 4 January: SOUTH AFRICA versus FRANCE at 10am;
  • Friday 4 January: SERBIA versus GERMANY at 5:45pm;
  • Saturday 5 January: The Mixed Team Championship Final between Group A winner versus Group winner at 5:45pm.

Today’s POST is dedicated to Oliver William who had his 3rd birthday today (December 18) and is a World No.1 champion to us here at OnCourt Advantage. We wish that every day of every month you: laugh, are happy, smile, have fun, love and be loved, share, cuddle, always keep learning and be the best you can be! Happy Birthday Oliver! 🙂

© photo credit: HEAD Tennis

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