Hopman Cup 2015 Dates: The Schedule

Hopman Cup logoThe 2015 Hopman Cup is being played for the 27th straight time.

The tournament is played from January 4-10 on Perth Arena’s indoor Plexicushion courts.

The Hopman Cup capacity crowd is 12,489 tennis fans, make sure you are one of them each session!

The eight teams in alphabetical order are: Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland and the United States.

The schedule of play for the 2015 Hopman Cup tournament is:

Sunday 4 January: 10am Canada v Czech Republic followed by 5.30pm Australia v Poland

Monday 5 January: 10am Italy v USA followed by 5.30pm Great Britain v France

Tuesday 6 January: 10am Czech Republic v Italy followed by 5.30pm Canada v USA

Wednesday 7 January: 10am Great Britain v Poland followed by 5.30pm Australia v France

Thursday 8 January: 10am Canada v Italy followed by 5.30pm Czech Republic v USA

Friday 9 January: 10am France v Poland followed by 5.30pm Australia v Great Britain

Saturday 10 January: 3.30pm The FINAL – winner of Group A versus winner of Group B