How Ivanovic CAN Return To World No.5

Today’s OnCourt Advantage article written about How former World No.1 Ana Ivanovic CAN achieve a Top 5 WTA ranking by August 2011, begins…Without winning a title or even reaching a final, Ana Ivanovic can climb back into the WTA Top 5 by the first week of August next year…TO READ MORE…click this link -> GO ANA!

The reason that you need to press the above link (in red capital letters), is because this POST was written for the Ana Ivanovic fans at Sharapovanovic. More details to follow about the 2010 Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London tournament beginning this Sunday. Also,  once the event begins the daily schedules of play, results, scores etc. will be supplied as close to when they first occur and/or are made available as possible.

Stay tuned to this tennis website for full coverage of every Grand Slam tournament and every major women’s and men’s tennis tournament on the WTA Tour and ATP Tours. Click this link for further details about the ATP Tour Finals -> ATP Tour Finals 2010: November 21-28.

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