Memphis 2012 Women’s Singles Draw

Rebecca Marino at the US Open
The 21-year-old Rebecca MARINO achieved her best WTA singles result by being the runner-up in Memphis in 2011. The Canadian states making the Top 10 as her No.1 goal.

The 2012 Memphis Open women’s main draw singles matches will begin on Sunday 19 February at 10am local time in Memphis, Tennessee in the USA. Memphis is one of 30 WTA International category tournaments each year and the first of eleven women’s professional tennis tournaments in the USA.

There are 32 main draw spots divided up between 4 Qualifiers (Q), 3 Wild Cards (WC) and 25 Direct Acceptances. The official tournament name is the Memphis International.

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The order of play will be listed in the comments section below this article, click here to go straight there-> Memphis Open schedule of play.

The official draw was held on Friday 17 February and as soon as the qualifying event is complete OnCourt Advantage will add the names of the four qualifiers into their allocated spots in the draw below.

The 8 seeds were ranked from World No.32 (Nadia PETROVA) through to No.46 (and defending champion Magdalena RYBARIKOVA). The last direct acceptance into the main draw was Mirjana LUCIC from Croatia who was ranked No.130 at the cut-off date.

The Seeds: In a 32-player sized draw there are 8 seeded players. This means that all of the 8 seeds are separated in the draw so they play two rounds against lower ranked opponents who are unseeded, before they can meet another seed in the quarter finals.

The seeding is allocated to the 8 highest ranked players according to the latest WTA rankings BEFORE the draw is made. These latest rankings were released on Monday 13 February therefore the seeding can be worked out before it is officially announced.

The 2012 Memphis women’s singles seeds are:

1-Nadia PETROVA, 2-Ksenia PERVAK, 3-Lucie HRADECKA, 4-Marina ERAKOVIC, 5-Pauline PARMENTIER, 6-Elena BALTACHA, 7-Johanna LARSSON and 8-Magdalena RYBARIKOVA.

If any of the seeded players withdraw before taking the court for their 1st round match another player will replace that seed. If a replacement seed is selected he would be the next highest ranked player from the direct acceptances i.e. Donald YOUNG???.

The Wild Cards: were awarded to three Americans: Melanie OUDIN, Madison KEYS and Lauren DAVIS.

The Qualifiers: The 16-player qualifying tournament sets the task of winning 2 best-of-three tiebreak set matches in order to qualify for the main draw. These four players will have their names added here as soon as they win their final round of qualifying-> Camila GIORGI, Jamie HAMPTON, Alexa GLATCH and Irena PAVLOVIC.

This is the draw for the seeded players IF they all win through to the quarter finals:

  • Nadia PETROVA (1) v (8) Magdalena RYBARIKOVA
  • Marina ERAKOVIC (4) v (6) Elena BALTACHA
  • Pauline PARMENTIER (5) v (3) Lucie HRADECKA
  • Johanna LARSSON (7) v (2) Ksenia PERVAK

The 2012 Memphis Open women’s singles draw for the 1st round is:

  1. Nadia PETROVA (1) v (Q) Camila GIORGI
  2. Melanie OUDIN (WC) v Stephanie FORETZ GACON
  3. Madison KEYS (WC) v Vera DUSHEVINA
  4. Jamie HAMPTON (Q) v (8) Magdalena RYBARIKOVA
  5. Marina ERAKOVIC (4) v Sloane STEPHENS
  6. Evgeniya RODINA v Irina FALCONI
  8. Michaella KRAJICEK v (6) Elena BALTACHA

The bottom half of the draw is:

  1. Pauline PARMENTIER (5) v Andrea HLAVACKOVA
  2. Heather WATSON v Sofia ARVIDSSON
  3. Alexa GLATCH (Q) v (ALT) Lesia TSURENKO
  4. Anna TATISHVILI v (3) Lucie HRADECKA
  5. Johanna LARSSON (7) v (Q) Irena PAVLOVIC
  6. Lauren DAVIS (WC) v Varvara LEPCHENKO
  7. Alberta BRIANTI v Mirjana LUCIC
  8. Rebecca MARINO v (2) Ksenia PERVAK

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© photo credit: Robbie Mendelson

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  1. The following is the ORDER OF PLAY for SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2012 at the Memphis Open for both the women (WTA) and men (ATP)…

    Stadium (from 11.00hrs)
    1. ATP: [Isner or Melzer] vs. Stepanek
    2. ATP: Fleming/Hutchins vs. Dodig/Melo
    3. ATP: [Rochus or Raonic] vs. [Kubot or Becker] (NB 15.00hrs)
    4. ATP: Mirnyi/Nestor vs. Isner/Querrey
    5. Singles Final: Marina Erakovic vs. Sofia Arvidsson (NB 19.00hrs)
    6. Doubles Final: Hlavackova/Hradecka vs. Dushevina/Govortsova

  2. The following is the ORDER OF PLAY for FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2012 at the Memphis Open for both the women (WTA) and men (ATP)…

    STADIUM start 10:00 am
    S Arvidsson (SWE) vs A Brianti (ITA) – WTA
    V Dushevina (RUS) vs [4] M Erakovic (NZL) – WTA
    Not Before 2:00 PM
    [3] R Stepanek (CZE) vs [WC] S Querrey (USA) – ATP
    [1] J Isner (USA) vs J Melzer (AUT) – ATP
    Not Before 7:00 PM
    O Rochus (BEL) vs [4] M Raonic (CAN) – ATP
    L Kubot (POL) vs B Becker (GER) – ATP

    GRANDSTAND start 1:00 pm
    [1] A Hlavackova (CZE) / L Hradecka (CZE) vs [4] M Krajicek (NED) / A Tatishvili (GEO) – WTA

  3. The following is the ORDER OF PLAY for THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2012 at the Memphis Open for both the women (WTA) and men (ATP)…

    Stadium (from 11.00hrs)
    1. Marina Erakovic vs. Michaella Krajicek
    2. Sofia Arvidsson vs. Lesia Tsurenko
    3. ATP: Querrey vs. Anderson (NB 15.00hrs)
    4. ATP: Rochus vs. Harrison
    5. ATP: Isner vs. Young (NB 19.00hrs)
    6. ATP: Stakhovsky vs. Raonic

    Grandstand (from 10.00hrs)
    1. Stéphanie Foretz Gacon vs. Vera Dushevina
    2. Varvara Lepchenko vs. Alberta Brianti
    3. ATP: Melzer vs. Dodig (NB 13.30hrs)
    4. ATP: Stepanek vs. Sweeting
    5. ATP: Becker vs. Malisse
    6. ATP: Dodig/Melo vs. Benneteau/Rochus (after suitable rest)
    7. ATP: Mirnyi/Nestor AN) vs. Harrison/Kudla

    Court 1 (from 11.00hrs)
    1. Hlavackova/Hradecka vs. Lee-Waters/Moulton-Levy
    2. Dekmeijere/Petrova vs. Dushevina/Govortsova (after suitable rest)
    3. Krajicek/Tatishvili vs. Erakovic/Pervak (after suitable rest)
    4. ATP: Petzschner vs. Kubot (NB 14.00hrs)
    5. ATP: Fleming/Hutchins vs. Cermak/Polasek

  4. The following is the ORDER OF PLAY for WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2012 at the Memphis Open for both the women (WTA) and men (ATP)…

    Stadium (from 10.00hrs)
    1. Pauline Parmentier vs. Sofia Arvidsson
    2. ATP: Melzer vs. Istomin
    3. ATP: Ginepri vs. Anderson
    4. ATP: Stepanek vs. Reynolds
    5. ATP: Malisse vs. Roddick (NB 19.00hrs)
    6. ATP: Gulbis vs. Raonic

    Grandstand (from 10.00hrs)
    1. Lesia Tsurenko vs. Lucie Hradecka
    2. Camila Giorgi vs. Stéphanie Foretz Gacon
    3. Alberta Brianti vs. Ksenia Pervak
    4. Hampton/Oudin vs. Dekmeijere/Petrova
    5. ATP: Isner/Querrey vs. Bogomolov Jr./Kubot (NB 15.30hrs)
    6. ATP: Mirnyi/Nestor vs. Anderson/Knowles
    7. ATP: Harrison/Kudla vs. Erlich/Ram

    Court 1 (from 10.00hrs)
    1. ATP: Levine vs. Kubot
    2. ATP: Bogomolov Jr. vs. Rochus
    3. Watson/Woehr vs. Dushevina/Govortsova
    4. ATP: Benneteau vs. Petzschner
    5. ATP: Becker vs. Sela
    6. ATP: Dodig/Melo vs. Sweeting/Tomic
    7. ATP: Fleming/Hutchins vs. Butorac/Soares

  5. The following is the ORDER OF PLAY for TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2012 at the Memphis Open for both the women (WTA) and men (ATP)…

    STADIUM start 10:00 am
    [WC] M Oudin (USA) vs S Foretz Gacon (FRA) – WTA
    R Marino (CAN) vs [2] K Pervak (KAZ) – WTA
    J Blake (USA) vs R Sweeting (USA) – ATP
    [WC] S Querrey (USA) vs A Falla (COL) – ATP
    Not Before 7:00 PM
    [1] J Isner (USA) vs G Muller (LUX) – ATP
    [WC] R Harrison (USA) vs [WC] J Sock (USA) – ATP

    GRANDSTAND start 10:00 am
    [Q] R Kendrick (USA) vs S Stakhovsky (UKR) – ATP
    [7] J Larsson (SWE) vs V Lepchenko (USA) – WTA
    V Dushevina (RUS) vs [Q] J Hampton (USA) – WTA
    [5] P Parmentier (FRA) vs A Hlavackova (CZE) – WTA
    O Govortsova (BLR) vs M Krajicek (NED) – WTA
    S Arvidsson (SWE) / J Larsson (SWE) vs [3] L Dekmeijere (LAT) / N Petrova (RUS) – WTA

    COURT 1 start 10:00 am
    [4] M Erakovic (NZL) vs E Rodina (RUS) – WTA
    J Benneteau (FRA) / O Rochus (BEL) vs [2] J Melzer (AUT) / P Petzschner (GER) – ATP
    A Bogomolov Jr. (RUS) / L Kubot (POL) vs S Lipsky (USA) / R Ram (USA) – ATP
    T Huey (PHI) / X Malisse (BEL) vs [3] F Cermak (CZE) / F Polasek (SVK) – ATP
    M Erakovic (NZL) / K Pervak (KAZ) vs [WC] L Davis (USA) / M Keys (USA) – WTA
    A Glatch (USA) / S Stephens (USA) vs J Hampton (USA) / M Oudin (USA) – WTA

  6. The following is the ORDER OF PLAY for MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2012 at the Memphis Open for both the women (WTA) and men (ATP)…

    STADIUM start 10:00 am
    H Watson (GBR) vs S Arvidsson (SWE) – WTA
    I Dodig (CRO) vs [8] B Tomic (AUS) – ATP
    [4] S Gonzalez (MEX) / C Kas (GER) vs J Isner (USA) / S Querrey (USA) – ATP
    G Dimitrov (BUL) vs D Young (USA) – ATP
    Not Before 7:00 PM
    J Blake (USA) / S Querrey (USA) vs J McEnroe (USA) / J Sock (USA) – Exhibition
    [1] N Petrova (RUS) vs [Q] C Giorgi (ITA) – WTA

    GRANDSTAND start 10:00 am
    M Krajicek (NED) vs [6] E Baltacha (GBR) – WTA
    [WC] M Keys (USA) vs V Dushevina (RUS) – WTA
    [4] M Erakovic (NZL) vs S Stephens (USA) – WTA
    [Q] A Glatch (USA) vs L Tsurenko (UKR) – WTA
    Not Before 4:30 PM
    [1] A Hlavackova (CZE) / L Hradecka (CZE) vs I Pavlovic (FRA) / E Rodina (RUS) – WTA – Possible Court Change
    [WC] A Hibberd (AUS) / T Welcher (USA) vs L Lee-Waters (USA) / M Moulton-Levy (USA) – WTA

    COURT 1 start 10:00 am
    [WC] L Davis (USA) vs V Lepchenko (USA) – WTA
    A Tatishvili (GEO) vs [3] L Hradecka (CZE) – WTA
    A Brianti (ITA) / P Parmentier (FRA) vs H Watson (GBR) / J Woehr (GER) – WTA – After Suitable Rest
    [4] M Krajicek (NED) / A Tatishvili (GEO) vs M Kondratieva (RUS) / S Lefevre (FRA) – WTA – After Suitable Rest
    V Dolonts (RUS) / S Foretz Gacon (FRA) vs [2] V Dushevina (RUS) / O Govortsova (BLR) – WTA – After Suitable Rest

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