Monterrey 2012 Women’s Singles Draw

Sorana Cirstea at the US Open
21-year-old Sorana CIRSTEA upset reigning US Open champion Sam Stosur at the 2012 Australian Open. The 1.76m Romanian states making the Top 10 as her goal.

The 2012 Monterrey Open women’s main draw singles matches will begin on Monday 20 February at 10am local time in Monterrey in Mexico. Monterrey is one of 30 WTA International category tournaments each year and the first of two WTA events in Mexico.

There are 32 main draw spots divided up between 4 Qualifiers (Q), 3 Wild Cards (WC) and 25 Direct Acceptance. The official name of this event is the Whirlpool Abierto Monterrey due to title sponsorship naming rights.

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The official draw was held on Friday 17 February and as soon as the qualifying event is complete OnCourt Advantage will add the names of the four qualifiers into their allocated spots in the draw below.

The 8 seeds were ranked from World No.24 (Roberta VINCI) through to No.72 (Lordes DOMINGUEZ LINO). The last direct acceptance into the main draw was Timea BABOS from Hungary who was ranked No.141 at the cut-off date.

The Seeds: In a 32-player sized draw there are 8 seeded players. This means that all of the 8 seeds are separated in the draw so they play two rounds against lower ranked opponents who are unseeded, before they can meet another seed in the quarter finals.

The seeding is allocated to the 8 highest ranked players according to the latest WTA rankings BEFORE the draw is made. These latest rankings were released on Monday 13 February therefore the seeding can be worked out before it is officially announced.

The 2012 Monterrey women’s singles seeds are:

1-Roberta VINCI, 2-Sara ERANI, 3-Sorana CIRSTEA, 4-Alexandra DULGHERU, 5-Gisela DULKO, 6-Greta ARN, 7-Mathilde JOHANSSON and 8-Lourdes DOMINGUEZ LINO.

If any of the seeded players withdraw before taking the court for their 1st round match another player will replace that seed. If a replacement seed is selected he would be the next highest ranked player from the direct acceptances i.e. Kimiko DATE-KRUMM.

The Wild Cards: were awarded to Mexico’s own Ximena HERMOSO, late entrant and No.3 seed Sorana CIRTSEA and plus Yaroslava SHVEDOVA.

The Qualifiers: The 16-player qualifying tournament sets the task of winning 2 best-of-three tiebreak set matches in order to qualify for the main draw. These four players will have their names added here as soon as they win their final round of qualifying -> Sesil KARATANTCHEVA, Monica PUIG, Katalin MAROSI and Maria ABRAMOVIC.

This is the draw for the seeded players IF they all win through to the quarter finals:

  • Roberta VINCI (1) v (6) Greta ARN
  • Alexandra DULGHERU (4) v (8) Lourdes DOMINGUEZ LINO
  • Gisela DULKO (5) v (3) Sorana CIRSTEA
  • Mathilde JOHANSSON (7) v (2) Sara ERRANI

The 2012 Monterrey Open women’s singles draw for the 1st round is:

  1. Roberta VINCI (1) v Coco VANDEWEGHE
  3. Alexandra PANOVA v (Q) Maria ABRAMOVIC
  4. ZHANG Shuai v (6) Greta ARN
  5. Alexandra DULGHERU (4) v Silvia SOLER-ESPINOSA
  6. Alexandra CADANTU v Jelena DOKIC
  7. Valeria SAVINYKH v Kimiko DATE-KRUMM
  8. Monica PUIG (Q) v (8) Lourdes DOMINGUEZ LINO

The bottom half of the draw is:

  1. Gisela DULKO (5) v Patricia MAYR-ACHLEITNER
  2. Katalin MAROSI (Q) v Eva BIRNEROVA
  3. Ximena HERMOSO (WC) v Timea BABOS
  4. Stefanie VOEGELE v (3) (WC) Sorana CIRSTEA
  5. Mathilde JOHANSSON (7) v Mandy MINELLA
  6. Yaroslava SHVEDOVA (WC) v (Q) Sesil KARATANTCHEVA
  7. Alize CORNET v Tetiana LUZHANSKA
  8. Stephanie DUBOIS v (2) Sara ERRANI

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© photo credit: Christian Mesiano


  1. The following is the ORDER OF PLAY for FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2012 at the Monterrey Open…

    Central (from 15.00hrs)
    1. Nina Bratchikova vs. Greta Arn
    2. Mandy Minella vs. Sara Errani
    3. Patricia Mayr-Achleitner vs. Timea Babos (NB 19.00hrs)
    4. Errani/Vinci vs. Dulko/Suárez (after suitable rest)

    Cancha 1 (from 15.00hrs)
    1. Alexandra Cadantu vs. Lourdes Domínguez Lino

  2. The following is the ORDER OF PLAY for THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2012 at the Monterrey Open…

    Central (from 15.00hrs)
    1. Maria Abramovic vs. Greta Arn
    2. Patricia Mayr-Achleitner vs. Eva Birnerova
    3. Mandy Minella vs. Yaroslava Shvedova (NB 19.00hrs)
    4. Timea Babos vs. Sorana Cirstea

    Cancha 1 (from 15.00hrs)
    1. Errani/Vinci vs. Husarova/Marosi
    2. Fichman/Sun vs. Bratchikova/Jurak
    3. Dulko/Suárez vs. Abramovic/Buzarnescu (NB 18.00hrs; after suitable rest)

  3. The following is the ORDER OF PLAY for WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2012 at the Monterrey Open…

    Central (from 15.00hrs)
    1. Sílvia Soler-Espinosa vs. Alexandra Cadantu
    2. Roberta Vinci vs. Nina Bratchikova
    3. Alizé Cornet vs. Sara Errani (NB 19.00hrs)
    4. Valeria Savinykh vs. Lourdes Domínguez Lino

    Cancha 1 (from 15.00hrs)
    1. Husarova/Marosi vs. Minella/Voegele
    2. Birnerova/Panova vs. Dulko/Suárez
    3. Costas-Moreira/Ferrer Suárez vs. Date-Krumm/Zhang (NB 18.00hrs)

  4. The following is the ORDER OF PLAY for TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2012 at the Monterrey Open…

    Central (from 11.00hrs)
    1. Alizé Cornet vs. Tetiana Luzhanska
    2. Yaroslava Shvedova vs. Sesil Karatantcheva
    3. Ximena Hermoso vs. Timea Babos (NB 15.00hrs)
    4. Mathilde Johansson vs. Mandy Minella
    5. Stefanie Voegele vs. Sorana Cirstea (NB 19.00hrs)
    6. Gisela Dulko vs. Patricia Mayr-Achleitner

    Cancha 1 (from 11.00hrs)
    1. Alexandra Dulgheru vs. Sílvia Soler-Espinosa
    2. Valeria Savinykh vs. Kimiko Date-Krumm
    3. Monica Puig vs. Lourdes Domínguez Lino
    4. Errani/Vinci vs. Cornet/Dulgheru (NB 15.00hrs; after suitable rest)
    5. Babos/Savinykh vs. Bratchikova/Jurak (NB 17.30hrs; after suitable rest)
    6. Katalin Marosi vs. Eva Birnerova

    Cancha 2 (from 11.00hrs)
    1. Alexandra Panova vs. Maria Abramovic
    2. Zhang Shuai vs. Greta Arn
    3. Costas-Moreira/Ferrer Suárez vs. Cabeza Candela/Cadantu (NB 14.00hrs)
    4. Abramovic/Buzarnescu vs. Koryttseva/Malek (after suitable rest)

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