Open field in tennis this year

Guest post by John-James in the UK

The past 12 months have been memorable to say the least in men’s tennis. In years gone by, one of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal would win the lion’s share of the four Grand Slam events, with the other two winning what was left, but this year has been different. Although the top four including those three and Andy Murray has remained the same, Murray’s improvement saw the fiery Brit enter the winner’s circle for the first time in terms of major tournaments.

Murray’s memorable victory at the US Open against Djokovic came as a surprise to some, but under the mentorship of Ivan Lendl, the Scot’s odds to win at least one of the next few Grand Slam events will have shortened further if you decide to bet on the tennis with Lendl has helped to make Murray more ruthless on the court, and as a result, his three big rivals have had to work even harder to maintain their position, while those outside the world’s top four have done their bit too.

The likes of Czech Tomas Berdych, France’s big-hitting Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Spaniard David Ferrer have helped to push the big four, while many of the big finals in the majors and tour events have been too close to call. Despite Murray’s breakthrough, 2012 has belonged to Djokovic, as he won more of the big events than his rivals and still sits top of the world rankings. However, Roger Federer’s had a good year too, especially after winning Wimbledon.

If you’re wondering what could happen next year, it’s possible that Murray could add to his major haul, while Djokovic will more than likely continue to shine. As for Nadal, he’s had his fair share of injury problems, so any Grand Slam win could come as a shock. Meanwhile, the possibility of some of the chasing pack breaking through may increase depending on the performance of the top four.

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