Qatar 2012 Men’s Schedule of Play

The 2012 Qatar Open is an ATP World Tour 250 category tournament and is celebrating it’s 20th year this January. Exxon Mobil is the title sponsor of one of only two ATP Tour tournaments in the Middle East for the year. Qatar is being held at the Khalifa International Tennis Complex in Doha on Plexicushion hard courtsTo watch the tennis in Singapore add 5 hours to the local times in Qatar listed below.

The 2011 Qatar Exxon Mobil Open event begins on December 31 with the qualifying singles draw and the Men’s Singles Final will be played on Sunday 8 January. The Qatar Open 2011 draw is a 32-player draw with 25 direct acceptances of which the Top 8 are seeded, 4 qualifiers and 3 wild cards.

Please leave a comment below this article regarding anything YOU would like to know about in tennis, have explained or suggest for me to write about here at OnCourt Advantage. The total financial commitment for the 2012 Qatar Open tournament is $1,110,250 US dollars with the total prize money for the Men’s Singles event being $1,024,000. The Men’s Singles Final is played on a centre court with a seating capacity of 6,911.

The 2011 Qatar Open Men’s singles champion Roger FEDERER is pictured above at the 2010 Qatar Open just before the contact point for this forehand volley, displaying his skill of being relaxed yet focused. The 1.85m former World No.1 defeated the 2010 Qatar Open champion Nikolay Davydenko in the final 6-3, 6-4 in 1 hour and 20 minutes. This year the 30-year-old became the first player to win Qatar on three occasions (won in 2005 and 2006).

The 16-time Grand Slam singles champion finished 2011 in very impressive style by winning 17 straight matches culminating in his 70th ATP singles title at the ATP Tour Finals in London. The Swiss will be attempting to take yet another record in ATP history by becoming the first man to win 5 Australian Open singles titles after winning in 2004, 2006, 2007 and in 2010, which was his most recent Grand Slam title.

Please note that the tournament management can alter the schedule from day to day.

The ATP ranking points and prize money is awarded to the players like this:

  1. The winner earns 250 points + $175,380;
  2. The runner-up earns 150 points + $92,360;
  3. The two semi finalists earn 90 points + $50,030;
  4. The four quarter finalists earn 45 points + $28,500;
  5. The 8 players who lose in the round of 16 earn 20 points + $16,795;
  6. The *players who lose in the 1st round receive $9,950 but DO NOT earn any ranking points.

There is a 32-player qualifying draw, which means ONLY the No.1 and No.2 seed have a BYE in the 1st round. The players who lose in the 1st round of the qualifying event earn DO NOT earn any money and DO NOT receive any ranking points. The players who lose in the 2nd round of qualifying earn $810 but DO NOT earn any ranking points and the payers who lose in the 3rd and final round of qualifying earn $1,690 and 6 ranking points.

*The players who qualify for the main draw and then lose the 1st round earn 12 points, whereas players, who start in the 1st round and lose their 1st match, do not earn a point. Wild Card entrants who lose in the 1st round DO NOT receive any ranking points.

From the round of 16 onwards any qualifiers who win earn the points allocated by round PLUS their 12 points for qualifying. Therefore a qualifier who wins the 1st round of the main draw and then gets knocked out in the round of 16 earns 20 points for making the round of 16 plus 12 points for qualifying. Thus, a qualifier who loses in the round of 16 has earns 32 ranking points in total.

The schedule of play for the 2012 Qatar Open Men’s Singles event is:

  • Saturday 31 December: Qualifying at 12 noon;
  • Sunday 1 January: Qualifying at 12 noon;
  • Monday 2 January: Main Draw 1st round at 3:30pm;
  • Tuesday 3 January: 1st round at 3:30pm;
  • Wednesday 4 January: Round of 16 from 11am and 7:30pm;
  • Thursday 5 January: Round of 16 from 11am and 7:30pm;
  • Friday 6 January: Quarter Finals from 11am; and
  • Saturday 7 January: Semi Finals at 4:30pm; and
  • Sunday 8 January: Men’s Singles Final at 4:30pm.

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© photo credit: Ashraf Khunduqji

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