Australian Open 2011 Men’s 1st Semi Final

A VERY interesting look at some of the finer details of what happened in the Australian Open 2011 men’s singles 1st semi final will be posted here today. In short, Novak DJOKOVIC defeated Roger FEDERER in three in intense sets 7-6 (7-3), 7-5, 6-4 in exactly 3 hours. This what we have so far…

Going into this match Federer led Djokovic with 13 wins to 6 in their previous matches. Federer had won their last 3 encounters in 2010. Djokovic won the time before that, in their last Grand Slam meeting, the 2010 US Open semi finals. This match was scheduled to be played at 7:30pm on Thursday 27 January on Rod Laver Arena and the players began the match at 7:42pm. The match was played under lights and with the retractable roof fully open.

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Djokovic served the first game of the match from the clear end of the court as opposed to the other side of the court, which has Melbourne painted on the surface well behind the baseline. Melbourne is painted in white capital letters that looks like a deck of cards fanning outwards.

Federer had a white overgrip on his Wilson tennis racquet. The strings were white with a red painted Wilson logo on them and he did not use a vibration dampener on his strings. The defending champion wore Nike gear from head to toe. He only wore one sweat band on his wrists, a yellow one on his right hand.

The 16-time Grand Slam singles champion wore a matching yellow headband and had 4 Swiss national flags printed on his right tennis shoe, representing the 4 Australian Open singles titles he has won. His shorts were plain grey and his t-shirt was predominantly white with some yellow thrown in.

The 29-year-old Federer uses a single handed backhand and the Wilson BLX Six.One Tour model racquet. Federer is coached by Paul Annacone and first achieved the World No.1 ranking on February 2 2004..More to follow ASAP!

Djokovic also had a white overgrip, though it was on a Head tennis racquet. The strings were white as well yet had a black painted Head logo on them and he used an orange vibration dampener on his strings. The vibration dampener that Djokovic used was a circular one and was placed in the very centre of the racquet right below the lowest cross string.

The 2008 Australian Open singles champion wore Sergio Tacchini sweatbands on both wrists and did not wear any headband. On his left wrist he wore a blue sweatband and on his right wrist her wore a white one. Djokovic wore Sergio Tacchini shorts, socks and t-shirt. The colours he wore were red, white and blue as they are on the Serbian flag. Djokovic spearheaded the first ever win by Serbia in the Davis Cup final in December 2010.

The 23-year-old Serbian had his nickname “Nole” printed on his t-shirt in the mid spine or top of his behind region. Interestingly, Djokovic was wearing Adidas tennis shoes that also tied into the Serbian colours theme, however they were predominantly red and blue with just a dash of white. Almost as a rule players wear from head to toe the gear of ONLY one sponsor, as Federer did with Nike but not Djokovic.

The 1.88m Djokovic uses a double handed backhand and the Head YouTek IG Speed MP 18 x 20 model racquet. He was using the Head YouTek Speed 18 x 20 until the end of 2010 and if you want to see his new racquet just click on the model name in red above. Djokovic is coached by Marian Vajda and first achieved his career high of No.2 exactly 6 years after Federer first became No.1 i.e. on February 2 2010…More to follow ASAP!

ALL about the 1st set:….

ALL about the 2nd set:…

ALL about the 3rd set:…

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