Australian Open 2012 Men’s Singles Draw

The 2012 Australian Open men’s main draw singles matches will begin on Monday 16 January at 11am local time in Melbourne, Australia. The Australian Open men’s singles draw is made up of 128 main draw spots divided up between 16 Qualifiers (Q), 8 Wild Cards (WC) and 104 Direct Acceptances. Subtract 3 hours from the local times in Melbourne to watch the tennis in Singapore.

The 104 direct acceptances are decided according to whom the highest 104 ranked players in the world are on the cut-off date, which is routinely six weeks prior to the main draw commencing. A quick calculation suggests the 2012 Australian Open cut-off date for direct entry will be Monday 5 December.

If any direct acceptances withdraw after the first round of qualifying is completed then those vacated spots are awarded to lucky losers. A lucky loser is a player who lost in the final round of qualifying and signs-in for the singles main draw. Lucky losers are selected in order from the highest ranked player to the lowest.

The official ceremony for when the Australian Open 2012 draw takes place will be held on Friday 13 January at 10am. The 16 qualifiers names will be drawn and added to complete the draw on Sunday 15 January at 5pm. The 2012 edition of the Australian Open is the 100th year that this tournament is being played and the 107th year since it began in 1905. The full singles draw will be listed in this post-> Australian Open 2012 Draw: Men as soon as possible after the draw has been completed.

Pictured above is current World No.4 Andy MURRAY doing it tough during the 2011 Australian Open men’s singles final. The 1.9m Scot will be hoping that the third times a charm in 2012 because he has been the runner-up for the past two years. Murray lost to Roger Federer in 2010 and then to Novak Djokovic in 2011. The 24-year-old was also the runner-up to Federer in the 2008 US Open and became the only player in history to lose every set in his first three Grand Slam singles finals.

The 24-year-old Murray will be striving to emulate the achievements of the three other men who lost their first three Grand Slam singles finals in the Open-era of tennis – Ivan Lendl, Andre Agassi and Goran Ivanisevic. Both Lendl and Agassi went on to win 8 Grand Slam singles titles, whilst Ivanisevic won Wimbledon in 2001 ranked No.125 and as a wild card entrant.

Australian Open SEEDS:

The seeding is allocated to players according to the latest ATP rankings before the draw is made. Therefore, the ATP rankings released on Monday 9 January 2012 will determine the seeding before the seeding is even officially announced. Unlike in many other tournaments the seeded players do NOT receive a BYE in the 1st round. To win a Grand Slam singles title a player must win seven best-of-5 set matches in the main draw in a row, which is the longest streak of victories required by any tournament.

In a 128-player sized draw there are 32 seeded players. This means that all of the 32 seeds are separated in the draw so that they play two rounds against lower ranked opponents who are unseeded, before they can meet a fellow seed in the 3rd round.

If any of the seeded players withdraw from the Australian Open, prior to the event or during, OnCourt Advantage will update YOU straight away. If one seed withdraws then the world No.33 will move into the seedings and the next player in line to be promoted will be world No.34 and so on.

Australian Open WILD CARDS:

Six of the eight wild cards are awarded at the discretion of Tennis Australia. The other two wild cards are awarded by the United States Tennis Association and the French Tennis Federation because those three Grand Slam nations share a 3-way reciprocal arrangement, which allows each of them to select one man and one woman as a wild card in the two other Grand Slam singles draws each year.

The full 8 wild cards will be confirmed before Tuesday 10 January because the wild cards’ names will need to be removed from the draw for the qualifying singles event that will be drawn on that Tuesday. Once the remaining wild cards are awarded they will be added to this post-> Australian Open 2012 Men’s Wild Cards.

Australian Open QUALIFIERS:

The 128-player qualifying tournament will begin on Wednesday 11 January and run through to Saturday 15 January. The qualifying event at the Australian Open is all best-of-three set matches unlike in the main draw, where every match is the best-of-five sets. The final set in both the qualifying and main draw is an advantage set. In an advantage set, if the players are tied at 6 games all they do NOT play a tiebreak instead they continue on until one player gains a 2-game advantage. The 16 qualifiers will need to win three consecutive matches to qualify.

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  1. Hi Kon,

    Firstly, thank you so much for visiting and commenting on OnCourt Advantage. The Australian Open schedule sees the bottom of the draw for the men’s singles played first i.e. on Day 1 Monday 16 January where the No.2 seed is placed in the draw. The Australian Open schedule works on an alternate day plan, this means because Nadal and Federer are playing their first match on Day 1. If Nadal and Federer continually win their matches, they will play on all of the odd numbered days i.e. Days 1,3,5,7,9 and 11. On Day 11 at 7:30pm Melbourne time on Thursday 26 January the Federer/Nadal (or bottom half of the draw) will be played. Actually, it is technically called semi final the 2nd Semi Final (because it is the from the bottom half of the draw), but it is being played the day before the top half of the draw, which is the Djokovic and Murray side of the draw’s semi final.


  2. Hey! According to the draw Nadal might face Federer in the semifinal! Both played on the 1st day of the tournament! Will they play in the first semifinal on the 26th of January or in the second one?

  3. I was hoping to find the list of players, both mens and womens, and how they were seeded so that I could print that out and follow the progress of individual players and who they potentually will run in to if they win a match.

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