Australian Open 2014 Ranking Points: Men

David Ferrer at The US OpenThe 2014 Australian Open men’s singles event provides a great opportunity for players to achieve three of the top handful of most coveted goals in men’s tennis: winning a Grand Slam title, earning more ranking points towards qualifying for the year-end ATP World Tour Finals in London and achieving a career-high ranking.

The four Grand Slam tournaments offer the highest number of ranking points possible out of all the tournaments throughout the year. Interestingly, the 2,000 points a Grand Slam champion earns for winning the title was well over half the total number of points that were needed to qualify for the 2013 ATP Finals i.e. 3,300 points to Richard Gasquet.

The men receive less ranking points than their female counterparts for reaching the same round of the same tournament for every singles round, except for first round losers, where the men receive double the points that a women receive. In addition, the eventual champions in both the men and women’s draws collect 2,000 points.

OnCourt Advantage details the men’s points and a comparison to the women’s points, which is the tally in brackets after the men’s points per round below.

This is how the ATP ranking points are awarded for the 2014 men’s singles draw:

The winner earns 2,000 points;
The runner-up earns 1,200 points (1,400);
The two semi finalists earn 720 points (900);
The four quarter finalists earn 360 points (500);
The 8 players who lose in the round of 16 earn 180 points (280);
The 16 players who lose in the 3rd round earn 90 points (160);
The 32 players who lose in the 2nd round earn 45 points (100); and
The *players who lose in the 1st round earn 10 points (5).

*The points awarded to a 1st round loser vary according to how they were allocated a place in the 1st round. Further details about each of the different scenarios for points allocation to 1st round losers will be covered in the Australian Open 2014 Men’s Singles Draw: Qualifying post once it is completed.

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