US Open 2009 Men’s Quarter Finals

In the men’s singles draw for the 2009 US Open there are only 8 players left. Three of which (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal & Novak Djokovic), have already won at least 1 Grand Slam singles title before. Federer is the only player left to have won the US Open before.

US Open personal bests have been achieved by Robin Soderling, Fernando Verdasco and Marin Cilic as they are all first time quarter finalists in New York. Fernando Gonzalez and Juan Martin del Potro have equalled their best US Open singles result by both making their 2nd quarter final. Gonzalez’s first time was back in 2002 and del Potro’s was last year.

Pictured above is the 1.98m del Potro from Argentina who is driving his way up to the top of the men’s game is driving right through the ball with his two handed backhand.

Del Potro has only lost 1 set thus far and next meets fellow 1.98 metre, 20 year old Cilic who took the game to Andy Murray by being aggressive whilst Murray played defense. The 2 tallest and youngest players left in the draw are only 5 days apart in age.

Quarter Final Draw:

  • (1) Roger Federer versus (12) Robin Soderling (8) Davydenko
  • (4) Novak Djokovic v (10) Fernando Verdasco (5) Roddick
  • (7) Tsonga (11) Fernando Gonzalez v. (3) Rafael Nadal
  • (6) Juan Martin del Potro v. (16) Marin Cilic (2) Murray
Head-to-head records:
  • 11-0 Federer!
  • 3-2 Djokovic with all 3 wins in a row
  • 6-3 Nadal including the last 5 in a row
  • 1-0 del Potro at Australian Open 2009

The winners of the quarter finals are guaranteed 350,000 US dollars in prize money and 900 ATP ranking points. The players who get knocked out in the quarter finals earn 175,000 US dollars and 500 points.

There is a lot at stake in terms of the top 4 spots in the ATP world rankings at the US Open. Nadal will overtake Murray after the US Open, but Djokovic could overtake both of them!
The current ranking point’s totals before the US Open are:
  1. Federer      12,040
  2. Murray          9,610
  3. Nadal            9,025
  4. Djokovic       7,660

Last year Murray was the US Open runner-up and 1,400 ATP ranking points. This year he was beaten in the round of 16 giving him 180 points. At the conclusion of the US Open Murray will lose 1,220 points for a total of 8,390.

With Nadal’s quarter final victory he will earn a minimum of 500 points, which is 400 less than last years career best semi-final result at the US Open. If Nadal loses to Gonzalez the equation is 9,025 minus 400 equals 8,625. This will be 235 points more than Murray’s total.

Last year Djokovic earned 900 points for reaching the semi-finals. Djokovic would have to win the US Open to earn enough points to overtake Murray. If Nadal loses his quarter final match and Djokovic wins the title, then Djokovic would pass Nadal by 135 points i.e. 8,760 to 8,625 to become No.2.

Now that Murray has lost Federer cannot be overtaken and will remain World No.1 even if he loses his quarter final match to Soderling. Who do you think the 2009 year-end world champion (World No.1) will be?

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