US Open 2009 Men’s Interviews

These are the MOST interesting insights from these players’ interviews about their upcoming US Open quarter final opponents:

Rafael Nadal on his match against the Red Hot Chilean:

“My draw is the same,” Nadal said. “I play quarter finals against very tough opponent like Gonzalez, and I’m not thinking more than this. He played an unbelievable all match against Tsonga. Very good tennis, unbelievable forehands, so I know him very well. He knows me very well. I have to play aggressive. If he gets the control of the point with his forehand, it’s almost impossible beat him. So I have to play inside, play aggressive, and makes him feel not comfortable in every shot.”

The Red Hot Chilean on his chances against Nadal:

“I’m really confident from this,” said Fernando Gonzalez. “I was many hours on court, playing a lot of important points, winning most of them. So that gives you a lot of confidence.”

Juan Martin del Potro on his dreams and stoush with Marin Cilic:

“I have the confidence in the best moment. I beat many good players in Washington and Montreal, and now I beat good players in this surface. I have everything to do a good tournament. I am doing well, but I would like to be in the semis or in my first final. For sure my dream is to win a Grand Slam and this Grand Slam especially.”

“I have a great match to come against Cilic. We know each other a lot. We’ve played many times [in the juniors]. But if I’m good with my weapons, with my game, I can beat him. He’s a very good player, and has a very good future. For sure if he [can] beat Murray he’s confident. It will be very tough for me.”

Cilic on beating Andy Murray and serving it up to del Potro:

“I stayed really focused on what I had to do, and I think the break in each of the last two sets helped a lot, as I was putting him a lot of under pressure.” Cilic is pictured above going for his backhand, just after impact.

“Yeah, I mean, definitely he’s a player to watch. I played him there in Australia, and I would say that he’s — maybe he’s even here playing a little bit better on the US Open courts. But definitely I think I have my chance. If I take positive things from today, I can put it in the next match, and, of course, take advantage like that. I think he can play really well, but I think I have also some game that can hurt him.”

Roger Federer on why his 12th match with Robin Soderling will be tough:

“Well, I mean, I think he’s always been a dangerous player. I think once you come on tour, you have a certain game, certain game plan; you can adjust it a little bit. But at the end of the day when it gets important, they play the way when they came on tour. Maybe they’re more solid. I think that’s what he’s become. He’s become mentally and physically stronger. And then he knows the game better today than he used to. These are already three amazing improvements. That’s what makes him a great player today.”

A timid Soderling on his chances against Federer:

“But we had a few very good matches, and I had some good chances to actually win in a couple of them, so of course to me he’s the best player of all time. But, again, we had a lot of good matches. If I can play well, hopefully I have a small chance.”

Hopefully, Soderling changes that attitude to becoming aggressive, positive and REALLY go after Federer like he did against Nadal in the round of 16 at Roland Garros this year!

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