US Open 2011 Men’s Singles Final

US Open 2011 Men’s Singles Final Novak DJOKOVIC (1) v (2) Rafael NADAL
  • Rafael Nadal served the opening game of the match and held serve for 1-0.
  • Novak Djokovic went behind 30-40 in his first service game and missed a backhand down the line into the net to trail 2-0.
  • Nadal served to consolidate the break of serve and open up a 3-0 lead. Djokovic raced out to a 0-40 lead before Nadal saved 2 break points before the final rally where Nadal landed his forehand down the line beyond the baseline to lose the break of serve making it 2-1.
  • Nadal had double break point at 15-40 for a possible 3rd straight break of serve in this championship match and to move ahead 3-1 and then serve for a 4-1 lead. Djokovic saved both break points to fight back to deuce. Nadal went on the attack and hit a short backhand angle volley to set up another break point. Djokovic served an ace out wide to get it back to deuce. On his 2nd game point Djokovic hits a backhand down the line approach shot and draws the error to level the match at 2-2.
  • Djokovic trying to win his 3rd straight game brings up break point – advantage Djokovic then dictates the point and converts his 2nd break point from 4 opportunities with an inside out forehand winner to lead 3-2.
  • Djokovic looking to consolidate the break of serve and extend his run of games to 4 in a row converts on his 2nd game point to lead 4-2.
  • Djokovic set up triple break point with 2 clean winners from drop shots before Nadal landed to first serves and backed them up to save 2 break points before Djokovic converted his 3rd break point from 7 chances by really isolating Nadal’s backhand to win his 5th straight game to lead 5-2.
  • Djokovic comes out to serve for the 1st set with brand new balls. Djokovic serves out the set to love to win the 12th out of the 15 sets he has played against Nadal in 2011. Djokovic has won all 5 matches against Nadal in 2011, including winning his first Wimbledon singles title against the 2008 and 2010 Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal.
  • Nadal is the defending US Open champion and serves first in the 2nd set. The 10-time Grand Slam singles champion hold serve to move to 1-0 and win his first game since leading 2-0 in the first set.
  • Nadal sets up triple break point before Djokovic saved 2 break points before the Nadal forehand down the line forces the World No.1 into error to convert his 2nd break point from 6 chances to lead 2-0.
  • Djokovic brought up another break point at 30-40 before Nadal sets up 3 straight game point chances to consolidate the break for a 3-0 lead. Djokovic fights back with some aggressive returns of serve to gain another break back point. After a long rally Nadal hits an inside out forehand winner before Djokovic earns another break point opportunity but is denied. Djokovic brings up his 4th break point of the game yet Nadal fights back in what is now a 14-minute game and what feels like an increasingly important game. Djokovic gets a 5th break point and Nadal saves it again with a forehand winner cross court. Djokovic converts the break of serve by winning the next 2 points after an amazing rally where Nadal hits an overhead smash as he is running backwards with the direction that would make a certain winner but hits the net.
  • Djokovic serves to try to even the set at 2 games all. After a titanic struggle for Nadal on serve, Djokovic holds serve to love to even the set at 2-2.
  • Djokovic hits an inside out forehand winner off a Nadal 2nd serve to bring up double break point. Nadal feeling the pressure serves a double fault to lose a 3rd straight game in a replica of what happened in the 1st set and trails 2-3.
  • Djokovic consolidates the break of serve to 30 to lead 4-2.
  • Nadal would really like a quick, strong service game hold right here to stop the 4-game winning run of Djokovic. Nadal eventually holds serve after a long game in which Djokovic held 1 break point for a 5-2 lead and to serve for the 2nd set and a tow-sets-to-love lead. Djokovic leads 4-3 and will serve with brand new balls for a 5-3 lead.
  • Djokovic brings up a game point after a backhand down the line winner to be a point away from 5-3. Nadal fights back and converts his 1st break point with a backhand down the line passing shot winner to even the set at 4-4.
  • Djokovic sets up a double break point at 15-40 and converts to move ahead 5-4 and give himself the opportunity to serve for the 2nd set. Djokovic put away 2 points at the net and had a double set point then hit a screaming forehand down the line on the run that Nadal flung a racquet to. That Djokovic forehand gives him a 2 sets to love lead 6-2 6-4.
  • Nadal will serve 1st in the 3rd set just as he did in the 1st 2 sets. Nadal holds serve in a relatively short service game to lead 1-0.
  • Djokovic holds serve to love to even the set at 1-1 and for the 1st time in the 3 sets does not go behind a service break at the beginning of a set.
  • Djokovic earns a break point with an aggressive forehand down the line that is definitely forced into error by. Djokovic converts the break point and now leads 2-1 in the 3rd set.
  • Djokovic is serving for a 3-1 lead at the 2 hours and 16 minute mark of this championship match. Nadal sets up double break point at 15-40. Djokovic saves the 1st break point with an ace down the “T”. Djokovic hits a big forehand the lands very close , if not on the line to get back to deuce. Nadal goes for a power inside out forehand and earns a 3rd break point. Djokovic serve and volleys to the Nadal backhand, which is slow slice but hits the drop volley winner into the net. Nadal evens the set at 2-2.
  • In a very evenly contested game with long ground stroke exchanges, Nadal has a few game point chances before Djokovic earns a break point. Nadal saves the break point. Another great rally Djokovic hits a great drop shot to earn a 2nd break point. Nadal goes for an ace down the “T” but misses. From the 2nd serve a long rally follows with Djokovic prevailing after forcing Nadal to miss an attempt for a down the line backhand to take a 3-2 lead.
  • Djokovic serves for a 4-2 lead at the 2 hour and 35 minute mark. Nadal hits 2 forehand winners down the line including on triple break point to get back to even at 3-3 in this set.
  • Nadal is really getting fired up, he has been consistently playing his forehand far more aggressively in the past 3 games and closes his service game with an inside in forehand winner to lead 4-3.
  • Djokovic to serve with brand new balls. Djokovic holds after a long closely fought game to even the score at 4-4.
  • Nadal holds to 15 in a short game to lead 5-4.
  • Djokovic with a backhand down the line winner then an ace out wide closes out the game from 30-30 to even the set at 5-5.
  • Djokovic earns a break point with a forehand volley cross court winner and with another clean winner down the line with his backhand Djokovic breaks serve and leads 6-5 to give himself the opportunity to serve for the title.
  • Nadal show his usual fight and breaks back to force a tie break.
  • Nadal 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, 5-2, 5-3, 6-3 at 5-3 Djokovic had the open court and the short ball to put away but hits back to Nadal who committed to Djokovic trying to wrong foot him then Nadal hits a backhand down the line winner to earn triple set point before winning the tie break 7-3 with Djokovic hitting the net with a short ball inside out forehand.
  • 6-2, 6-4, 6-7 (3-7) and 3 hours and 28 minutes Djokovic gets treatment on his lower back before beginning the 4th set.
  • Djokovic to serve 1st in a set for the 1st time in the match. 1-0 Djokovic, 2-0 Djokovic, 3-0 Djokovic, 3-1 Djokovic, 4-1 Djokovic and Djokovic breaks Nadal’s serve to love. At 5-1 Djokovic serves for the championship for the 2nd time. A backhand down the line winner sets up double championship points at 40-15 for Djokovic. An inside out forehand winner! Congratulations Novak Djokovic the new US Open singles champion very well deserved and in over 4 hours.
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  1. The Men’s Final was a well fought tennis match. It could have gone either way, but Nadal obviously worked more than he expected. Hence the reason for his many misreadings and miscalculations. I dont think Djokovic has his number yet . I therefore think Nadal, in the future is capable of beating Djokovit. I too will take this opportunity to cogratulate Djokovit for a well deserved championship. Samson.

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