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The United Sates Tennis Association (USTA) is leading the way with connecting with tennis fans by offering an exclusive pre-sale of tickets for this year’s US Open for Facebook Fans of the official US Open tennis Facebook page.

On June 9th, US Open Facebook fans will be able to purchase their 2013 US Open tickets before tickets go on sale to the public one day later at 9am ET (on June 10th). This pre-sale offer is for one day only. Fans that “Like” the US Open on Facebook will have the exclusive opportunity to purchase 2013 US Open tickets through this special privilege of having choice of sessions and seats before the general public does.

I encourage you to “Like” the official US Open tennis Facebook page just as I do by pasting: into your address bar and then clicking on the “Like” button once you are there. Join me too in following the US Open on Twitter @USopen and read ad interact with the most instant updates through the official Twitter hashtags: #USO13 and #USopen.

The 2013 US Open main draw singles events begin on Monday 26 August and conclude for the very first time both Singles Finals are scheduled one day later than in previous years, with the Women’s Singles Final on Sunday 8 September (beginning at 4:30pm) and the Men’s Singles Final on Monday 9 September (commencing at 5pm).

Watching Grand Slam tennis live is a fantastic experience.

Getting tickets close to the action gives you a perspective that you can never match when watching a telecast. You really feel connected to the tournament, as you sense the amount of energy, intensity and effort that  goes into each match, the crystal clear sounds of all the action on court and the experience of the intimacy being there in person affords as you realise the far smaller scale for the size of everything – the players, the court and time for players to respond to the ball and chase it down.

Don’t miss your chance to be there in person and experience for yourself the greatest players in the world battle it out for every possible victory they can muster at the US Open tennis championships this year.

“Like” the US Open Facebook page if you haven’t already and take Advantage of this special ticket promotion to get your seats OnCourt in New York.

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