On court action is just the tip of the strawberry

Wimbledon InfographicWe all know that what happens on court is what decides the match – that’s the essence of all sport. But the pros know something we don’t. They know that the longer a match goes on, the more relevant their dieting and endurance training becomes.

Admittedly, it’s only the likes of Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and their fellow pros who play best-of- five set matches throughout the tournament for two weeks. But anyone who wants to be able to close out a game late on will know that fitness and stamina are vital aspects of the game. They’re key to maintaining your technique under pressure and they’re no less important in being able to keep a clear head when your body is being pushed to the limit.

The better the match the fitter you’ll need to be. It’s not all about the quality of your forehand. Both Djokovic and Murray optimise just about every aspect of their waking lives in order to give themselves the greatest chance of winning the silverware.

The pair are topping the betting for this year’s Wimbledon and when you start to see how much of their lifestyle is geared towards challenging for that title, you can’t help but see why. It really is about so much more than just honing a few ground strokes and slamming down a big serve.

As fans we never get to see the quality of the pros’ preparation. But no-one gets to lift the silverware at the end of a tournament without having the right diet and the right fitness programme in place. What happens on court is just the tip of the iceberg strawberry.