Study reveals statistical similarities between Wimbledon and US Open winners with brown hair and brown eyed Americans dominating the sport

An in-depth study into every winner of a Grand Slam since the start of the Open era in 1968 has revealed Wimbledon is the hardest of the four majors to win, whilst there are significant statistical similarities between Wimbledon and US Open victors.

The study conducted by also looked into nationality, age, height, weight, eye colour and hair colour of the winners, with Wimbledon winners being remarkably similar to US Open winners on those terms, even though the tournaments have largely had different individuals claiming the titles down the decades.

Most common characteristics of Grand Slam winners



Roland Garros/French Open and Australian Open winners also have similar characteristics, though Wimbledon winners are more likely to win the US Open than winners of the other two titles as 71.4% of Wimbledon. Winners have also won the US Open, compared to only 28.6% correlation with Roland Garros winners and 52.4% at the Australian Open.

Of the 54 Mens Winners in Open Era, for example 48% have won a US Open title, 48% have won a Roland Garros title and 48% have won an Australian Open title but only 38% have won a Wimbledon title. Of that same list of 54 winners, 28 of them have only won at one of the four Grand Slams.

The statistics appear to highlight that Wimbledon is the most difficult of the open era Grand Slams to win, with 21 different winners over the years, as opposed to 26 for the Roland Garros, US and Australian titles respectively.

Open Era Grand Slam winners by country