Wimbledon 2012 Men’s Singles Draw: The Qualifiers

The 2012 Wimbledon 2012 men’s qualifying singles event is now complete. The men’s qualifying draw began on Monday 18 June with 128 players battling for the 16 spots allocated to qualifiers in the singles main draw. To qualify you must win three matches in a row, the first two rounds of are only best of 3 sets and the final round being best of 5 sets just like all the main draw matches.

From the 32 seeds in the qualifying 18 of them were defeated in the first two rounds of qualifying, leaving only 14 seeds amongst the 32 players in “The Qualifying Round”. The Qualifying Round is the round that decides which players qualify for the main draw, because the winner of that round qualifies. Only five of the Top 16 ranked players that were seeded lived up to their seeding and actually qualified. Another six players who qualified were seeded from No.17 to No.32 and five players were unseeded in the qualifying.

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Once a player qualifies for Wimbledon he earns 25 ATP ranking points for qualifying and another 10 points for playing in the 1st round. Throughout the tournament the qualifiers keep their 25 points and add it on to the points they receive for whichever round they make it to. For example, a 2nd round loss earns a qualifier 70 points i.e. 45 like everyone else plus their 25 for qualifying. A 3rd round loss earns a qualifier 115 points, whereas everyone else would earn 90 points.

If a player is awarded a place in the main draw as a Lucky Loser  he does not get the 25 ATP ranking points that a qualifier does. The Lucky Loser gets the 14 points he earned for making it to the 3rd round of qualifying. Throughout the tournament the Lucky Loser keeps his 14 points and adds it on to the points allocated for whichever round he makes it to. For example, a 1st round loss earns a Lucky Loser 24 points 10 like everyone else plus his 14. A 2nd round loss earns him 59 points, 14 +45 and a 3rd round loss earns him 104 points, 14 + 90.

None of the nine local players from Great Britain qualified and only Kyle Edmund won the first round of qualifying. The highest ranked player to lose in the final round of qualifying was No.8 seed Rajeev RAM of the USA.

Ram would be the first player to take a spot in the main draw as a Lucky Loser if any player withdraws from the tournament BEFORE playing his 1st round match. The next highest seeded 3rd round loser who would take the second Lucky Loser spot is No.10 seed Roberto BAUTISTA-AGUT of Spain.

2012 Wimbledon men’s qualifying singles 3rd round results are:

  1. [1] J ZOPP (EST) d I Van Der Merwe (RSA) 64 61 46 75
  2. [4] M RUSSELL (USA) d Y Sugita (JPN) 63 46 63 46 62
  3. [5] J LEVINE (USA) d [20] W Odesnik (USA) 76(3) 61 62
  4. [9] S BOLELLI is pictured above (ITA) d M Authom (BEL) 75 63 64
  5. [11] B BAKER (USA) d T Meixeira (FRA) 57 62 61 62
  6. [18] R BEMELMANS (BEL) d F Dustov (UZB) 63 67(3) 75 61
  7. [21] R SWEETING (USA) d P Torebko (GER) 36 16 76(3) 75 64
  8. [22] F SERRA (FRA) d M Viola (ITA) 46 64 76(5) 67(8) 64
  9. [24] J JANOWICZ (POL) d D Kudla (USA) 61 60 62
  10. [31] I CERVANTES (ESP) d I Chvojka (CAN) 67(4) 46 62 76(3) 62
  11. [32] A KUZNETSOV (RUS) d M Gicquel (FRA) 46 60 63 62
  12. A MENENDEZ-MACEIRAS (ESP) d I Navarro (ESP) 75 63 36 64
  13. G RUFIN (FRA) d  J Dasnieres De Veigy (FRA) 64 67(4) 67(5) 63 64
  14. D BROWN (GER) d [8] R Ram (USA) 46 63 64 64
  15. J WANG (TPE) d [10] R Bautista-Agut (ESP) 60 76(5) 75
  16. K DE SCHEPPER (FRA) d M Felder (URU) 63 62 63

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© photo credit: Richard van loon

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