Wimbledon 2012 Men’s Singles Draw

The 2012 Wimbledon men’s main draw singles matches will begin on Monday 25 June at 11am local time in the London suburb of Wimbledon in the United Kingdom. In this post a number of interesting facts about the men’s singles main draw will be provided, including when the draw is made, how the draw works, whom all the different types of participants are and who the seeds are.

The official draw is being held on Friday 22 June at 10am at the AELTC. There are 128 players in the draw divided up between 16 Qualifiers (Q), 8 Wild Cards (WC) and 104 Direct Acceptances. The cut-off date for entry is 14 May 2012.

Please leave a comment below this article regarding anything YOU would like to know about in tennis, have explained or suggest for me to write about here at OnCourt AdvantageTo watch the tennis in Singapore add 7 hours to the London local times listed below to work out the equivalent Singapore time for the daily 2012 Wimbledon Order of Play.

Click this link for details about how you can buy Wimbledon Official tennis tickets and you will also find full coverage of Wimbledon, including the entire tournament schedule of play, the FULL prize money and AP ranking points earned per round plus qualifying event details.

Wimbledon is a Grand Slam category tournament played on natural grass from June 19 to July 8. As soon as the names are drawn OnCourt Advantage will add the players into the projected 3rd round match-ups for the seeds and post the full singles main draw here-> The 2012 Wimbledon Men’s Singles Draw: 1st Round.

Dual Wimbledon champion and 2011 runner-up Rafael NADAL has made the Wimbledon final in the past 5 years that he has played. The former World No.1’s smashing success saw him win the Roland Garros-Wimbledon double in 2008 and 2010. The 25-year-old Spaniard is pictured above positioning himself to play an overhead smash at Wimbledon in 2011. Can he even his Wimbledon finals record at 3-3 in 2012?

The Seeds: The seeded players do not receive a BYE in the 1st round of a Grand Slam event. To win the title any playerkmust win 7 main draw best of 5-set matches in a row. As soon as the post for the Wimbledon 2012 Men’s Singles Draw Seeding is completed you will be able read more about how the seeding works, who the seeds are and a full list in order from the No.1 seed through to the No.32 seed.

Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam where the seeding is NOT based solely on the ATP rankings. In 2002 the ATP and Wimbledon made an agreement to enable the Wimbledon seeding committee to alter the usual seeding procedure to permit a grass court seeding system to reflect each individual player’s grass court achievements. The agreement aimed to ensure that this special exception for a grass court seeding was objective an$ transparent for all concerned.

The 2012 seeding will be announced on Wednesday 20 June. For further details regarding this special seeding system used at Wimbledon see the OnCourt Advantage detailed explanation here-> Wimbledon Men’s Singles Draw: Seeding.

The Wild Cards: The wild cards will be selected closer to the tournament and are awarded at the discretion of the All England Lawn Tennis Club Committee. As soon as any wild cards are announced OnCourt Advantage will list them here-> Jamie BAKER, Oliver GOLDING, Josh GOODALL, James WARD, Lleyton HEWITT, Tommy HAAS, David GOFFIN and Grega ZEMLJA.

The Qualifiers: The 128-player qualifying tournament begins on Monday 18 June and runs through to Thursday 21 June. The qualifying event at Wimbledon is unlike any other Grand Slam because it is NOT held at the same venue.

The qualifying is held at the Bank of England Sports Ground in Roehampton. As soon as each of the 16 players win their 3rd round of qualifying and therefore qualify for the main draw, OnCourt Advantage will list their names in this post-> Wimbledon 2012 Men’s Singles: The Qualifiers.

Creative Commons License photo credit: mbevis

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  1. Thanks OnCourt advantage very good information it so easy to find out who is playing and when, and on which court

  2. Hope we will see a draw where all the spaniards are not bundled in one section with real strong grand slam players compete for semis in the other half. We do not see Nadal and Federer any more as Djocovic must face Federer and Nadal gets the easier route. Apart from everything, Nadal vs Federer is special even if we know the outcome beforehand. But what would be frustrating is to see AGAIN Nadal vs Ferrer.
    Hope Wimbledon will be as excited as always as top tounament in the world. Good luck!

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