Wimbledon 2013 Women’s Prize Money

The 2013 Wimbledon women’s main draw singles event begins on Monday 24 June. The big finale, the Ladie’s Singles Final, that every competitor wants to participate in will be played on Saturday 6 July.

Below OnCourt Advantage lists what prize money is awarded to players for every round throughout the tournament from the first round to the winner to make it clearly show how the total women’s singles draw money is divided up.

Unlike the how the Wimbledon ranking points allocation per player per round works for the men and women, the prize money is entirely equal and the same.

At the first women’s singles event at Wimbledon in the Open-era in 1968 the women’s champion was awarded %37.5 of the amount the men’s champion received i.e. £750 versus £2,000. For both events the amount has only ever increased every year or if not, every two years. In 1984 the women’s champion hit %90 of the men’s cheque. Since 2007 the prize money has been awarded equally at £700,000 for both champions.

For details about the historic record breaking prize money offered by Wimbledon this year visit Wimbledon 2013 Men’s Prize Money.

Pictured above is current World No.2 Victoria AZARENKA playing this double-handed backhand ground stroke at Eastbourne in 2011 where she made the quarter finals after being the runner-up the year before. The 23-year-old right-hander went on to win back-to-back Australian Open singles titles (2012-13) and achieve the World No.1 ranking. The 1.83m Belarusian is a favourite to play-off for the title after achieving career-best Wimbledon results (back-to-back semi finals) before losing to eventual champion Serena Williams in 2012.

This is how the prize money is awarded for the 2013 women’s singles draw:

  1. The winners earns £1,600,000;
  2. The runner-up earns £800,000;
  3. The two semi finalists earn £400,000;
  4. The four quarter finalists earn £205,000;
  5. The 8 players who lose in the round of 16 earn £105,000;
  6. The 16 players who lose in the 3rd round earn £63,000;
  7. The 32 players who lose in the 2nd round earn £38,000; and
  8. The 64 players who lose in the 1st round earn £23,000.

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