Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Singles Final: the hits and the misses

The highlights and low lights of the Gentlemen’s singles final at Wimbledon.

The hits are the highlights and the misses are the low lights from this match.

  • Andy Roddick proving the overwhelming opinion that Andy Murray would be to good for Roddick wrong was a HIT
  • The weather the match was played in was a HIT
  • The match not being interrupted by rain was a HIT
  • The 5 set record in a Slam final of 16-14 was a HIT
  • Andy Roddick’s higher level of play than Roger was a HIT
  • Andy Roddick’s coach clearly failing to provide his charge with the basic ingredients to win a match was a MISS
  • The way Andy Roddick conducted himself on-court was a HIT
  • The way Andy Roddick behaves on court most of the time is a MISS
  • Andy Roddick losing the 2nd set tie-break after having a 6 points to 2 lead, even after holding 4 consecutive set points was a MISS
  • Roger Federer setting a new record number of Grand Slam singles titles won in men’s tennis was a HIT
  • Roger Federer putting on his jacket with the number 15 on it was not gracious so was a MISS
  • Roger Federer’s handbag was a MISS
  • REPEAT Roger Federer’s handbag was a MISS
  • Now the this match has been won we cannot tune into watch Wimbledon each day is a MISS

Today’s POST is dedicated to Adriano Panatta. Panatta was born on this day in 1950 and won his Grand Slam singles titles in 1976 at Roland Garros. His highest ranking of No.4 was achieved in 1976.

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