So WHY didn’t Andy Roddick Win? #1

Andy Roddick’s level of performance in the Wimbledon final was better than Roger Federer’s yet he did not win. WHY?

The way Roddick played the game (as opposed to how well he performed), was the reason he lost the match. Roddick did not give himself the best chance to win. For this, Roddick’s coach is to blame. The former world No.1 player performed exceptionally well, he gave it his all and was mentally tough on court. His coach however, did not perform.

One aspect of coaching that is routinely overlooked throughout the world is ensuring the basic formula to win a match is in place. Despite Roddick’s high performance, it was clear that the most basic formula to win was not being used.

Any coach’s job on match day is, at the very minimum, to make sure the most basic fundamental aspects needed to win are clear in the player’s mind prior to going into the match. Remember: Keep It Simple Stupid.

Here is some strong coaching advice from which every player can benefit. Try too ALWAYS use the following 4 steps for winning when you are playing competitively.

The most basic formula to win is:

1. Use your strength/s as much as possible;

2. Use your strength/s to play to your opponent’s weakness/es as much as possible;

3. Do not let your opponent off the hook once you have them in trouble. Use the OnCourt Advantage you have created by completing steps 1 and 2 to press home your advantage immediately; 

4. Carry out the above 3 steps at pivotal times/on the big points.

If you execute this process then you are playing with the percentages. Focus on executing and then all you can do is let the chips fall where they may. When you do this the result has a high probability of going your way. If your opponent still beats you then you forced them to prove that they were too good on the day.

Look out for part 2 tomorrow…

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