The ATP Tour Cheated Andy Murray! #2

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In part 1 of this story we revealed that Andy Murray was cheated out of a possible spot in the semi finals of the ATP World Tour Finals. Murray was said to have missed out on a semi final spot by one game with a 43-44 record. To this day the ATP World Tour Finals has posted that Murray missed out on the semi final spot by one game.

Now in part two of this story we will look at other possible deadlock scenarios that could be used to determine who should qualify for the semi finals when 2 players have tied.

How do you think the semi final spots should be allocated in the ATP World Tour Finals?

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Other possible deadlock scenarios:

Should it be based on their career head-to-head record?

Murray leads 6 wins to Roger Federer’s 4, so Murray would have got the semi-final spot. However, the ATP World Tour Finals determine who is the best player and what the final rankings for that particular year. The head-to-head record for the year would be a better measure of who should be selected to advance to the semi-finals.

Should it be based on their head-to-head record in that particular year?

Murray and Federer both won 2 matches against each other in 2009 so this deadlock solution may not be very effective.

Should it be based on who won the most singles titles in that particular year?

Murray would have got the semi final berth in this case as he won more ATP titles than any other player in 2009 with 6. Federer won 4 ATP titles in 2009.

Should it be based on who is seeded higher in this event?

Surely this does not make sense and if anything the lower seeded player has performed even better than the higher seeded player to have tied with him.

Should it be based on who won their head-to-head battle during the round robin?

In this case Federer would clinch the semi final spot. However, this event is the culminating one for each year on tour and deserves far more than this. Federer may have beaten Murray in the round robin match yet that means for Murray to have tied with Federer overall, that Murray must have been better than Federer in both of the other 2 matches. In effect, Murray was better performed in 2 of the 3 matches as compared to Federer only being better than Murray in one match.

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  1. Interesting read. After I read part 2 (this post), I realized that counting back in its various forms (head-to-head records, games won, etc.) doesn’t quite take into account how much a player may have evolved/improved. Players tend to ride a wave of confidence after a series of wins, and Murray could have had a legitimate chance against Federer if they played head-to-head to determine who gets the semi-final spot.

    All in all, I agree that playing 1 set head-to-head is a good tiebreaker. Exciting too.

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