Today is Tennis Day

December 11 is the perfect day,
To let you in on what I have to say.

My main goal in 2011,
Is to create a TENNIS HEAVEN.

We’re going to make THE difference,
YOU are going to help at my insistence.

Instead of taking what you can for yourself,
Together let’s put tennis on the top shelf.

We’re going to make TENNIS number 1,
We’re going to make it way better for EVERY one!

Now I want YOU to play your part,
Everyone come on and open your tennis heart.

What I want you to do,
Is pitch in with as much as YOU can do.

Now what I plan to do,
Is take on each issue and follow it through.

Anything that is less than ideal,
We’re going to reveal.

Anything that is letting our great game down,
We’re going to change it until it deserves a crown.

If we ALL act in the best interests of tennis,
The game we love will return to the zenith.

Make today and everyday, tennis day!

© 2010

To play YOUR part please email or catch me on Twitter @OnCourtAd


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