Tennis Lesson in Singapore: Balestier, Moulmein, Novena, Thomson & Toa Payoh

Tennis Lessons in Singapore are available for those who stay, or are a resident in the Balestier,  Moulmein, Novena, Thomson and Toa Payoh district 12 area.

Please email or text +65 9830 2678 for further details about booking a professional tennis coach in Singapore.

Tennis Lessons in Singapore for these District 12 condos:

8 Raja,
8 Riversuites,
Air Stream,
Ampas Apartments,
AVA Towers,
Balestier 288,
Balestier Centre,
Balestier Court,
Balestier Point,
Balestier Plaza,
Balestier Regency,
Balestier Towers,
Beacon Heights,
Birchwood Mansions,
Bliss Loft,
Boon Teck Apartments,
Boon Teck Lodge,
Boon Teck Towers,
Boon Teck View,
Bright Building,
Casa Fortuna,
Casa Irrawaddy,
Chelsea Grove,
City Regency,
Crescent Building,
De Paradiso,
De Royale,
Eastpac Building,
Euro-Asia Apartments,
Galllery Fifteen,
Giffard Mansion,
Global Ville,
Goodwill Mansion,
Hanson Court,
I Residences,
Kemaman Point,
Kemaman View,
Kim Keat Gardens,
Kim Keat House,
Kim Keat Lodge,
Kingsley Mansion,
Le Shantier,
Mar Thoma Mansions,
Mei Gardens,
Monarchy Apartments,
Monville Mansion,
Moonstone Apartments,
Moonstone Residences,
Moonstone Royale,
Moonstone View,
Nadia Mansions,
New Court,
Nova 48,
Nova 88,
Oleander Towers,
One Dusun Residences,
One St Michael’s,
Opal Suites,
Parc Haven,
Pinnacle 16,
Prestige Heights,
Public Mansion,
Rajah Tower,
Regal Court,
Regent Residences,
Rio Gardens,
Ritz Mansions,
Rocca Balestier,
Scenic Heights,
Shan Court,
Shan Gate Apartment,
Shaw Corner,
Skysuites 17,
Spring Court,
Spring Mansion,
St Francis Court,
St Francis Lodge,
St Michael Regency,
St Michael’s Condominium,
St Michael’s Place,
Suites @ Topaz,
Summer Green,
Tai Pei Apartments,
The Aberdeen,
The Arte @ Thomson,
The Belleforte,
The Callista,
The Centrio,
The Cetrine,
The Elysia,
The Marque at Irrawaddy,
The Mezzo,
The Mornington,
The Richmond,
The Riverine by the Park,
The Tier,
The Verve,
The Viridian,
Topaz Mansions,
Trellis Towers,
Twin Heights,
Victory Heights,
Vista Residences,
Wai Wing Centre,
Waldorf Mansions.


  1. Hi Raj thank you for your interest in tennis lessons. Yes the tennis coaching lessons can easily be arranged for you at St Wilfred tennis centre. You will receive an email with the details within the hour.

    Best regards,

    OnCourt Advantage

  2. Interested in tennsi coaching to improve my game. Prefernece would be st. Wilfred courts for lessons. Please let me if thats possible?


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