Tennis Lessons in Singapore for Balmoral, Orchard, Bukit Timah, Grange Road, Holland, River Valley & Tanglin Road

Tennis Lessons in Singapore are available for those who stay, or are a resident in the Balmoral, Orchard, Bukit Timah, Grange Road, Holland, River Valley and Tanglin Road district 10 area.

Please email or text +65 9830 2678 for further details about booking a professional tennis coach in Singapore.

Tennis Lessons in Singapore for these District 10 condos:

1 Balmoral,
1 Draycott Park,
1 Nassim,
11 Balmoral,
3 Cuscaden Walk,
3 St Martin’s Drive,
31 Balmoral Road,
38 Draycott Drive,
38 Stevens Road,
7 Claymore,
7 Draycott Drive,
72 Grange Road,
8 Napier,
8 Orange Grove Road,
9 Holland Hill,
9 Nassim Road,
90 Holland Road,
Allsworth Park,
Alocassia Apartments,
Amsterdam Apartment,
Anderson Green,
Ardmore 3,
Ardmore II,
Ardmore Park,
Arwaa Mansion,
Ashley Green,
Astrid Meadows,
Atland House,
Avenue Villa,
Balmoral 8,
Balmoral Condo,
Balmoral Crest,
Balmoral Gardens,
Balmoral Gate,
Balmoral Grove,
Balmoral Heights,
Balmoral Hills,
Balmoral Lodge,
Balmoral Place,
Balmoral Plaza,
Balmoral Point,
Balmoral Residences,
Balmoral Tower,
Ban Guan Park,
Beaufort on Nassim,
Beaverton Court,
Belmond Green,
Belmont House,
Beverly Hill,
Bin Tong Park,
Blissful View,
Botanic Gardens Mansion,
Botanic Gardens View,
Boulevard Vue,
Brizay Park,
Bukit Garden Estate,
Camwood Park,
Casa Emma,
Casa Uno,
Charming Gardens,
Chateau Le Fame,
Chatelet Condo,
Chelsea Gardens,
Chip Bee Gardens,
Chip Hock Gardens,
City Towers,
Cliveden at Grange,
Cluny Court,
Corona Court,
Corona Ville,
Coronation Arcade,
Coronation Grove,
Coronation Plaza,
Cree Court,
Crown Centre,
Crystal Court,
Crystal Tower,
Cuscaden Residences,
Cuscaden Royale,
D’Grove Villas,
Dalvey Court,
Darby Park Executive Suites,
De Lente,
Dormer Park,
Draycott 8,
Duchess Crest,
Duchess Gardens,
Duchess Manor,
Duchess Residences,
Duchess Royale,
Duke’s Garden,
Duke’s Residences,
Dynasty Garden II,
Dynasty Lodge,
Edward Lee Apartments,
Eleven @ Holland,
Ewe Boon Regent,
Fairlodge Apartment,
Fernhill Cottage,
Fernhill Court,
Fernhill Lodge,
Ferrell Residences,
Fifteen Robin,
Fifth Avenue Condo,
Fifty-two Stevens,
Fontana Heights,
Four Seasons Park,
Fraser Suites,
Gallop Court,
Gallop Gables,
Gallop Green,
Garden Apartments,
Gisborne Light,
Goodwood Garden,
Goodwood Residence,
Grange 120,
Grange 70,
Grange 80,
Grange Heights,
Grange Infinite,
Grange Residences,
Grange Road Apartments,
Great World Service Apartments,
Hampton Court,
Henry Park Apartments,
Heritage Apartments,
Holland Court,
Holland Gems,
Holland Hill Lodge,
Holland Hill Park,
Holland Mansion,
Holland Mews,
Holland Peak,
Holland Residences,
Holland Suites,
Holland Tower,
Hollandswood Court,
Hollywood Apartments,
Holt Residences,
Honolulu Tower,
Jade Garden,
Jade Mansion,
Jaya Tower,
JC Draycott,
Jervois Meadows,
Jervois Court,
Jervois Gardens,
Jervois Green,
Jervois Grove,
Jervois Jade,
Jervois Lodge,
Jervois Mansions,
Jervois Regency,
Jervois View,
Jewel of Balmoral,
Juniper at Ardmore,
Katsurina Lodge,
Kellock Lodge,
King’s 8,
King’s Arcade,
Kum Hing Court,
La Nouvelle,
Lan’s Place,
Le Grove Service Apartments,
Leedon 2,
Leedon Residence,
Lermit Lodge,
Lew Mansion,
Lewis Lodge,
Lien Towers,
Loft @ Holland,
Loft @ Nathan,
Loft @ Stevens,
Long’s Court,
Lotus at Jervois,
Lucky Tower,
Lush on Holland Hill,
Lutheran Towers,
Madison Residences,
Manhattan Mansions,
Martina Mansion,
Melrose Park,
Metropolitan YMCA,
Mount Sinai Residences,
Mutiara Crest,
Mutiara View,
Namly Court,
Namly Park,
Nassim Gardens,
Nassim Jade,
Nassim Mansion,
Nassim Park Residences,
Nassim Regency,
Nassim Ville,
Nassim Woods,
Nathan Place,
Nathan Residences,
Nathan Suites,
Oei Tiong Ham Park Residences,
Olina Lodge,
One Chatsworth,
One Jervois,
One Robin,
One Tree Hill Gardens,
One Tree Hill Mansions,
One Tree Hills Residence,
Orange Grove Residences,
Orange Regency,
Orchard Bel-Air,
Palm Spring,
Palms @ Sixth Avenue,
Parc Stevens,
Paterson Linc,
Pine Springs,
Pinetree Condo,
Pinewood Gardens,
Proximo Robina,
Queen Astrid Gardens,
Queensberry Lodge,
Rainbow Mansion,
Regency Lodge,
Regency Park,
Residence 8,
Rich Mansion,
Ridgewood Condo,
Rising Suites,
River Valley Apartments,
River Valley Court,
Riverdale Residence,
Robin Court,
Robin Regalia,
Robin Star,
Robin Suites,
RV Edge,
RV Suites,
Sarkies Gardens,
Sarkies Mansion,
Second Avenue Junction,
Serene Centre,
Serene House,
Seven Holt Road,
Seven Nassim,
Shanghai One,
Shangri-La Apartments,
Shangri-La Residences,
Sheares Ville Apartments,
Signature @ Lewis,
Sixth Avenue Centre,
Sixth Avenue Ville,
Sommerville Grandeur,
Spanish Village,
Spring Grove,
St Martin Residence,
St Martin’s Apartments,
St Regis Residences,
Starlight Suites,
Stevens Court,
Stevens Loft,
Stevens Suites,
Studio 3,
Sui Generis,
Sutton Place,
Sylvan Lodge,
Tanglin Hill Condominium,
Tanglin Hill Meadows,
Tanglin Park,
Tanglin Regency,
Tanglin Residences,
The Arc at Draycott,
The Aston,
The Balmoral,
The Balmoral Spring,
The Belmont,
The Boulevard Residences,
The Capri,
The Cascadia,
The Clayton,
The Colonnade,
The Cornwall,
The Coterie @ Holland,
The Draycott,
The Element @ Stevens,
The Equatorial,
The Estoril,
The Fernhill,
The Ford @ Holland,
The Gilstead,
The Grange,
The Hermitage,
The Holland Collection,
The Horizon,
The Ladyhill,
The Legacy,
The Legend,
The Levelz,
The Loft,
The Marbella,
The Merasaga,
The Mercury,
The Montana,
The Orange Grove,
The Princeton,
The Serenade @ Holland,
The Sierra,
The Sixth Avenue Residences,
The Solitaire,
The Teneriffe,
The Tessarina
The Tomlinson,
The Tresor,
The Trizon,
The Twins,
The Vantage,
The Verv @ RV,
The Wilshire,
Three Three Robin,
Toho Mansion,
Tomlinson Heights,
Treasure on Balmoral,
Treetops Executive Residences,
Tulip Garden,
Unit 8,
Urbanedge @ Holland V,
Valley House,
Valley Lodge,
Valley Park,
Ventuno Balmoral,
Ventura Heights,
Villa Azura,
Villa D’Este,
Villa Delle Rose,
Village Tower,
Viz @ Holland,
Warner Court,
Waterfall Gardens,
Westwood Apartments,
Wilby Residences (Bukhit Timah),
Willyn Ville,
Wilmer Park,
Wing On Life Gardens,
Woollerton Park,
YGK Gardens,
Zion Mansion.











  1. Hi Sharlene thank you for your interest in tennis lessons. No you definitely do NOT have to be staying any any condos stated to have tennis lessons arranged for you. You will receive an email with the details within the hour.

    Best regards,

    OnCourt Advantage

  2. Hello Jay,

    Just like to find out if I need to be staying in either of the Condo stated above to have a lesson with you? Kindly advise the timing available for Heritageview or Dover Park Condo.
    I am looking for a coach for my 7yrs son. How much is your coaching fees for 1pax and also 2paxs?

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