ATP Tour Finals 2010 Schedule of Play

The 14th and final Major Tournament for the men’s professional tennis tour is the end of year ATP Tour Finals. Due to title sponsorship naming rights the official name is the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. This tournament is the pinnacle of the tennis calendar, with all events this year building to this showdown between the world’s best male players.

In no other tournament are you required to beat at least 4 if not 5 of the world’s Top 8 ranked players to win the title! Only the Top 8 best performed players for the 2010 season qualify to play-off in this tournament, which begins as a round robin and climaxes with semi finals and a final. The ATP Tour Finals run from Sunday 21 November through to Men’s Singles Final Day on Sunday 28 November.

In this post we will cover how the ATP ranking points and prize money are allocated plus what the schedule of play is. The total financial commitment for the 2010 ATP Tour Finals is 5 million pounds sterling, with the total prize money being 2,227,500.

The ATP Tour Finals have been held since 1970 and this year is the second year that it will be held at the O2 Arena in London on indoor hard courts. The centre court can seat 23,000 spectators. During this season-ending tournament a ceremony will be held to honour whoever becomes the end of year World No.1. The player who finishes the year with the No.1 ranking is crowned the 2010 ATP Tour World Champion.

Last year Nikolay Davydenko won the ATP Tour year-end Championship Final by defeating 2009 US Open champion Juan Martin del Potro in straight sets, 6-3 6-4 in the final. Davydenko defeated all of the 2009 Grand Slam champions including 16-time winner Roger Federer and 9-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal to win the ATP Tour Finals singles title. Davydenko completed four wins in a row against Top 8 players to truly deserve to be the 2009 champion.

The event begins in a round robin format with 2 groups of 4 players. As soon as the groups are announced we will update you here at OCA. In ranking order the Top 8 are: Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Robin Soderling, Andy Murray, Tomas Berdych, David Ferrer and Andy Roddick.

In Group A is Nadal, Djokovic, Berdych and Roddick and Group B is Federer, Soderling, Murray and Ferrer.

In the first 6 days of this 8-day tournament each of the 8 men will play against all 3 members of his group. Throughout the round robin matches the world’s best men try to achieve a place in the semi-finals by finishing in the Top 2 spots in their own group. On Day 7 the semi-finals are held where the players who finish at No.1 in their group play the player who finishes No.2 in the other group.

The ATP ranking points and prize money (in US dollars) for the men’s tournament is awarded to the players like this:

  1. The winner earns 1,500 points + $1,510,000 (if undefeated) and 1,300 points if he loses one match;
  2. The runner-up earns an extra 400 points added to how many matches he won + $740,000 if the only match he loses is the final;
  3. Any player other than the finalists who wins 3 matches earns 600 points + $400,000;
  4. Any player other than the finalists who wins 2 matches earns 400 points + $360,000;
  5. Any player other than the finalists who wins 1 match earns 200 points + $200,000;
  6. Any player who loses all 3 matches DOES NOT earn any points + $120,000; and
  7. A player who is called in as an alternate to replace an injured player DOES NOT earn any points if he LOSES his match.

In summary, the 8 players including any alternate players only earn points if they win a match. For each round robin match won the player earns 200 ATP ranking points. The runner-up earns 400 points for winning his semi final match, whereas the winner earns 400 points for winning his semi final match but strangely only earns a further 100 points more than the runner-up for winning the whole tournament! If a player is undefeated he just gets the extra 200 points for winning a 5th match.

Please note that the tournament management can alter the schedule from day to day, in which case we will update you of any changes in later posts.

The schedule of play for the 2010 ATP Tour Finals singles event is:

  • Sunday 21 November: 2 Round Robin matches at 2pm then 8pm;
  • Monday 22 November: 2 Round Robin matches at 2pm then 8pm;
  • Tuesday 23 November: 2 Round Robin matches at 2pm then 8pm;
  • Wednesday 24 November: 2 Round Robin matches at 2pm then 8pm;
  • Thursday 25 November: 2 Round Robin matches at 2pm then 8pm;
  • Friday 26 November: 2 Round Robin matches at 2pm then 8pm;
  • Saturday 27 November: Men’s 1st Semi Final at 2pm then 2nd Semi Final at 8pm; and
  • Sunday 28 November: Men’s Singles Final at 5:30pm.

Stay tuned to this tennis website for full coverage of every Grand Slam tournament and every major women’s and men’s tennis tournament on the WTA and ATP Tours. Click this link for further details about the ATP Tour Finals -> ATP Tour Finals 2010: November 21-28.

Today’s POST is dedicated to Finn Thomas who turned 8 years old on – October 22 – (Happy Birthday Finn!) and Rafferty James both of whom are World No.1 champions to us here at OnCourt Advantage. We wish that every day of every month, both of you: laugh, are happy, smile, have fun, love and be loved, share, cuddle, always keep learning and be the best you can be! 🙂

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