ATP World Tour Finals in London

The 2009 season ending tournament is called the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals and is being held at the O2 Arena in London, UK for the first time. This year is the 4oth year of this ATP Tour Finals category event and it is the pinnacle of the tennis calendar.

The year end World No.1 ranking can and will be determined at this tournament, which is played on indoor hard courts. The event is structured so only the best players in the world of men’s tennis can qualify for the 8 spots in the draw.

In order to qualify a player needs to finish ranked in the Top 7. The 8th spot is given to any Grand Slam singles champion during that year who finishes the season ranked in the Top 20. When all Grand Slam champions from that calendar year are ranked in the Top 7 then the No.8 ranked player qualifies.

The player who finishes with the World No.1 ranking after the final match at the ATP World Tour Finals is played, is declared the 2009 ATP World Tour Champion. This event is held from Sunday November 22 through to the final on Sunday November 29.

Last year Novak Djokovic won the ATP Tour year end Championship Final in Shanghai, China by defeating Nikolay Davydenko in the final 6-1 7-5. Djokovic lost just 1 of his 5 matches so won 1,300 ATP ranking points. However, the 2008 ATP World Tour Champion was Rafael Nadal (pictured above), who broke Roger Federer’s run of 4 years in a row of being the year end World No.1 ranked player.

The event begins in a round robin format with 2 groups of 4 players, Group A and Group B. This tournament will also be held in London from 2010 to 2012. In the first 6 days of this 8 day tournament each of the 8 men will play against all 3 members of his group.

Throughout the round robin matches the world’s best men try to achieve a place in the semi-finals by finishing in the top 2 spots in their own group. On Day 7 the semi-finals are held where the players who finish at No.1 in their group play the player who finishes No.2 in the other group.

The Top 9 players in the world for 2009 are:

  1. Roger Federer qualified as the No.1 player by winning the most ranking points on the ATP Tour in 2009 with 10,150.
  2. Rafael Nadal qualified 2nd with 9,205 ATP points.
  3. Novak Djokovic qualified 3rd with 7,910 points.
  4. Andy Murray qualified 4th with 6,630.
  5. Juan Martin del Potro qualified 5th with 5,985.
  6. Andy Roddick qualified 6th with 4,410.
  7. Nikolay Davydenko qualified 7th with 3,630.
  8. Fernando Verdasco qualified 8th with 3,300 points.
  9. Robin Soderling finished in 9th place with 3,010 points.

Soderling replaced No.6 Roddick when he withdrew from this event due to an ongoing left knee injury. The American only played 1 match after the US Open, which finished in mid-September.

Stay tuned for more coverage of London as we update you with the results and who qualifies for the semi-finals, finals and who becomes the 2009 ATP World Tour Champion.

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