Rome 2010 Men’s Schedule of Play

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The 5th Major Tournament for the men’s professional tennis tour in 2010 is the Rome Open, which is known as the Internazionali BNL d’Italia. Rome is the 2nd of the 3 prestigious ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments played on clay courts this year.

In this post how the ATP Tour ranking points and prize money are allocated, and what the schedule of play is for the men’s singles draw.

The total financial commitment by this tournament is 2,750,000 Euros with 2,227,500 of that total being allocated to prize money. The prize money is defined as the money that is awarded to the players who win at least one match from the total financial commitment amount. The total financial commitment is the tournament’s financial investment in the tournament. This includes money spent on the ATP fees such as marketing fees, possible contributions to the bonus pool and of course the prize money.

The ATP ranking points and prize money (in Euros), for the men’s tournament is awarded to the players in the following way:

  1. The winner earns 1,000 points + $434,000;
  2. The runner-up earns 600 points + $203,000;
  3. The two semi finalists earn 360 + $103,450;
  4. The four quarter finalists earn 180 + $53,000,
  5. The 8 players who lose in the round of 16 earn 90 + $27,500;
  6. The 16 players who lose in the 2nd round earn 45 + $14,500;
  7. The players* who lose in the 1st round earn 10 points + $7,650.

The players who lose in the 1st round of the qualifying event earn 900 Euros but do not receive any ranking points. The players who lose in the 2nd round of qualifying earn 1,800 Euros and 14 points. The players who qualify for the main draw and then lose the 1st round earn 25 points, whereas players, who start in the 1st round and lose their first match, only earn 10 points.

*At least that is what the tournament information states. On closer examination the players who qualified in 2009 and then lost in the 1st round were awarded 35 points to their ATP ranking instead of the stated 25. Also, the 3 wild cards that lose in the 1st round are not awarded any points. This is as opposed to direct acceptances who when they lost in the 1st round were awarded 10 points.

This tournament begins on Saturday 24 April and is played everyday through to and including Sunday 2 May, which is the day of the Men’s Singles Final. The first two days of the tournament feature the qualifying event and there are no night sessions on the first two days.

The matches each day are played in a day session starting at 1pm local time in Rome and in the night session beginning at 8:30pm. This is true for the main draw matches held each day from Sunday 25 April through to Thursday 30 April. The exception is Sunday April 25 where there will be NO night session for the main draw matches played that day.

The schedule of play for the entire tournament is listed below which includes that play on Friday 1 May, sees the 1st semi final beginning at 1:30pm and the 2nd semi final to be played from 4pm. The Men’s Singles Final starts at 4pm.

Please note that the tournament management can alter the schedule from day to day, in which case we will update you of the changes in later posts of these changes.

Note: Hong Kong time is 6 hours ahead of Rome, so 1pm start in Rome will be televised at 7pm Hong Kong time. Please let us know if you need any further details about at what time YOU can see it AND on what channel.

The schedule of play for the entire men’s singles event at Rome is:

  • Saturday 24 April: 1st round of Qualifying from 10am;
  • Sunday 25 April: Qualifying 2nd round & Main Draw 1st round from 12 noon;
  • Monday 26 April: Main Draw 1st round from 1pm & 8:30pm;
  • Tuesday 27 April: 1st round from 1pm & 8:30pm;
  • Wednesday 28 April: 2nd round from 1pm & 8:30pm;
  • Thursday 29 April: Round of 16 from 1pm & 8:30pm;
  • Friday 30 April: Quarter Finals from 1pm & 8:30pm;
  • Saturday 1 May: Semi Finals 1:30pm and then 4pm; and
  • Sunday 2 May: The Men’s Singles Final at 4pm.

Pictured above is Novak Djokovic moments after making contact with the ball during this forehand drive. The 22 year old Djokovic made the Rome final in 2009 and won Rome in 2008. Djokovic is pictured at the 2010 Miami Open where he lost in the 2nd round.

The 1.88m Serbian will be hoping to get his service action together by his first match in Rome this year. Djokovic split with one of his coaches Todd Martin, whose advice on the serve, is now what Djokovic is trying to remove from his service motion. The 2008 Australian Open men’s singles champion is working on using the service action he had before commencing work with Martin.

How he does will be very interesting given he has a number of less than ideal aspects of biomechanics occurring during both of the service motions that he has learned. The good news for Djokovic was that the rest of his game was coming together very well at the Monte Carlo Open.

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