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Pete Sampras Book (autobiography)

December 5, 2012 Singapore Tennis Lessons 4

The Great Pete Sampras has written a book about his struggles and triumphs throughout his tennis career. This Pete Sampras book is his autobiography and is essential reading for anyone who watches, reads or plays tennis. To make it easier for you to find, the book’s ISBN number is 978-0-307-38329-7 […]

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Australian Open Tennis 2013

February 22, 2012 Singapore Tennis Lessons 37

The 2013 Australian Open tennis championships are the first of only four Grand Slam tournaments held each year. The Australian Open has been held in Melbourne, Victoria since 1972 and at its current location since 1988 when it became the first Grand Slam tournament to have a retractable roof. The Australian Open is […]

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Australian Open 2013 Men’s Schedule of Play

January 30, 2012 Singapore Tennis Lessons 9

The 2013 Australian Open announced on 2 October 2012 that the total prize money will be increased by AUD$4 million dollars for 2013 to set a record for Grand Slam tournaments of $30 million, which means the 2013 event will offer more prize money per round than any other tournament! To make it easier […]

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Australian Open 2013 Women’s Schedule of Play

January 28, 2012 Singapore Tennis Lessons 5

The 2013 Australian Open tennis championship is the first Grand Slam singles tournament for the women’s professional tennis tour each year. To make it easier for YOU to follow, watch or attend this tournament OnCourt Advantage details how the WTA ranking points and prize money are allocated round-by-round plus what the schedule of play is for each […]

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Australian Open 2012

December 12, 2011 Singapore Tennis Lessons 1

This AUSTRALIAN OPEN page was created to make it easier for YOU to find the information that YOU are looking for about the Australian Open on OnCourt Advantage. Every web page related to the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Australian Open can be found by clicking on the OnCourt Advantage directory page for that year in the […]

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Australian Open 2012 Wild Cards: Men

December 10, 2011 Singapore Tennis Lessons 1

The 2012 Australian Open Men’s singles main draw is made up of 104 direct acceptances, 16 qualifiers and 8 wild cards. In this post OnCourt Advantage will explain how these wild cards are awarded plus keep you up-to-date with who receives the men’s wild cards into the men’s singles draw […]

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Australian Open 2012 Women’s Singles Draw

December 3, 2011 Singapore Tennis Lessons 6

The 2012 Australian Open women’s main draw singles matches will begin on Monday 16 January at 11am local time in Melbourne, Australia. The Australian Open women’s singles draw is made up of 128 main draw spots divided up between 12 Qualifiers (Q), 8 Wild Cards (WC) and 108 Direct Acceptances. Subtract […]