New Tennis Balls – Official Ball of the US Open

New tennis balls for SALE:New tennis balls

Be quick to take advantage of the special clearance sale of new tennis balls. OnCourt Advantage tennis students enjoy the special discount rate of SG$120 per carton.

These tennis balls are also available to everyone in Singapore at a discounted price of $132.

OnCourt Advantage students, when you purchase these tennis balls by the carton, it means that each can of 3 new balls works out to be $5. Usually, these you’ll find them priced at $7.50 to $10 you’ll find in the shops. You can see the tennis ball can of balls pictured below.

One carton of tennis balls is pictured above, with each carton containing 72 balls (6 dozen) that are packed in 24 tennis ball cans of 3 extra duty pressurised tennis balls.

The tennis balls are the same as pictured and are the official ball used for the US Open Tennis Championships and are manufactured for use on hard courts.

For further details, please email or text to 9830 2678 thank you.