Tennis Lessons: Watch and Learn – backhands part 3

2 backhand drives

OnCourt Advantage tennis coaching expert Jay Davern providing you his high quality tennis stroke demonstrations, this time from a different angle to observe from. Frequently watching high quality stroke demonstrations is an important thing for you to do in order to progress your game.

The two backhand drives in this video clip for you to observe and learn from are:

    1. a single handed backhand cross court;
    2. followed by a single handed backhand down the line.

The two backhand strokes captured in this video both felt effortless and came right out of the sweet spot are a great example for you to follow.

In this video Jay is playing a live rally where he executed an effective pattern of play. He played the first single-handed backhand ground stroke cross-court with angle to pull his opponent out to the right of his singles sideline and better still beyond his doubles sideline. He immediately followed the first stroke with another backhand, this time changing the direction of the ball to hit it down-the-line. To increase the difficulty for his opponent, he moved inside the baseline on his side of the net and took the ball earlier and on the rise, as well as deliberately flattening out the the second stroke to make it difficult for his opponent to reach.

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