Tennis on Twitter

OnCourt Advantage runs a 100% tennis twitter as a key method in achieving the promotion of tennis mission by providing an instant way to interact, share and commentate about all things tennis-specific with a far greater volume of people and instantly.

Below is a list of official sources of tennis, photos and instant on-site updates that I’m happy to say, follow me.

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The official Twitter account of key professional tennis tournaments, businesses, products, services and brands that follow me, definitely motivate me to invest more time and effort to promote them in return.

The gesture of being followed by the following list including the WTA and the Australian Open, is greatly appreciated. I receive it as an acknowledgement of my contribution to tennis and some recognition that OnCourt Advantage is valuable in the tennis world. In return, I created a list of all of my favourite tennis twitter accounts who follow me called “Best on Twitter”.

Please click on this link to visit them and then press “Follow” on each and every one of them thank you-> the very Best Tennis on Twitter!

@AustralianOpen, @WTA, @FedCup, @RoadToRG, @ITFprocircuit, @ITFWCTTour


@InteBNLdItalia, @MutuaMadridOpen, @CoupeRogers, @HopmanCup, @TorayPPO,

@TennisAustralia, @Kfish_WTA, @tennis_sven, @HenriLeconteOff, @EuroSportTV_Por, @Babolat, @Head_Tennis

James Buddell – @buddelltennis: Chief Editor & Senior Writer for the ATP World Tour

Craig Gabriel – @crosscourt1: Multi media megastar

BTT Tennis Academy – @BTT_Academy:

Mouratoglou Academy – @LauraBilman:


Pro tennis tournaments:


@WTALinz @WTAgastein,





@movistaropen, @ATP_Zagreb, @chennaiopen, @PorscheTennis, @AegonClassic, @countrytimeclub, @optimaopen, @BarnstapleOpen, @SAtennisOpen, @Brussels_Open, @ASBClassicAuckl, @HeinekenOpenAKL.

Photo credit: The Daring Librarian