The Official Australian Open Book

The Official Australian Open book has 208 pages with over 200 colour photos which help you relive the great rivalries, blockbuster matches, the games’ greatest players, the intriguing controversies and the dramas both on and off the court that shape the Australian Open to be what it is: Australia’s greatest global sporting event.

To make it easier for to find a copy of this book we have included the above picture of the front cover and the book’s ISBN number is 978-0-9804667-7-5. The full title of the book is, “The Official Australian Open book” with a subtitle of “Australia’s Greatest Global Sporting Event”. This book was published in November 2010 by Arbon Publishing.

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You will certainly find this book interesting especially over the next few weeks as we prepare for one of the greatest tournaments played each year – the Australian Open. The Official Australian Open book is the ultimate record of the first Grand Slam tournament each year.

This book provides the history of the Australian Open from its the outset as an Australasian tournament when it was first held in 1905, throughout the years, different venues, progressions, changes and continuing growth into its current status as a world-class major sporting event.

The Australian Open has evolved into the Grand Slam of Asia-Pacific, which captures the world audience, imaginations of everyone involved including the players, who dream of winning one of the most prestigious titles in the history of the game and to be forever known as an Australian Open champion.

Experience a Grand Slam Championship in a different way than you are used to, as you are lead behind-the-scenes into the locker rooms, media rooms and provided insights from the players as they go out to fight the good fight, for what just maybe the match of their lives. Who will go down in history by winning the next Australian Open?

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