The Secret to a Perfect Season: Pre-Season Domination Plan Unveilled 

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Prepping like a Pro Pre Season Course

In this installment of the Tennis Products and Services series here at OnCourt Advantage I am going to make it easy for YOU to access a great pre season tennis-specific fitness training course that will set the scene for you to enjoy your best competitive tennis results in 2013.

OnCourt Advantage readers receive a 50% discount for this Prepping like a Pro Pre Season Course. Instead of paying US$300 for this fitness training course you ONLY pay US$149 thanks to the Fifth Set Academy’s special deal for the OnCourt Advantage tennis community.

To claim your 50% discount visit the Fifth Set Academy here-> 50% Discount Offer. You can contact Fifth Set Academy by email at YOU cannot go wrong with Fifth Set Academy’s 100% Money Back Guarantee.

The Prepping like a Pro Pre Season Course is designed by experienced industry experts: Yann Auzoux a former Davis Cup player and Dan Riser a former US Men’s Fitness Champion. Yann and Dan are so confident you will be happy with how your body changes from this program they offer you a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied for any reason in the first 20 days of following their course.

You can see a demo of one part of this tennis fitness training course here-> Dynamic Stretching. The commercial for this course is here-> Fifth Set International.

I encourage you to “Follow” the Fifth Set Academy on Twitter like I do, the official handle is @YannAuzoux. Please “Like” the official Facebook page just as I do by visiting Fifth Set Academy on Facebook and then clicking on “Like” once you are there.

Fifth Set Academy Money Back Guarantee


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