Wimbledon Andy Murray 2013 Warm-up

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Andy Murray took part in a Wimbledon warm-up with a difference this year as he faced mini-versions of the world’s top sporting stars in a brand new online video with the Set4Sport Superstars.

Set4Sport is an exciting programme created and designed by Judy Murray. The Set4Sport programme aims to inspire parents how to take up sporting play with their children through simple games in a fun environment.

Supported by RBS since the 2011 launch, it is a free toolkit bursting with fun activities that facilitate improvement in co-ordination, balance and agility for children.

Visit www.Set4Sport.com to register for your free book or to download the free app.

After the tough defeat Andy Murray said: “I had great fun playing with all the mini superstars, they were certainly a very competitive bunch! As kids, Jamie and I played games like these as soon as we could walk. We didn’t know it then, but we were all taking part in the most basic of coaching sessions and, most importantly, loving every minute of it.”

Set4Sport was inspired by the games Judy played with her sons, US Open Champion Andy and Wimbledon Champion Jamie. Judy Murray, enthused: “I have fond memories of playing the activities and games featured in the Set4Sport Superstars video more than twenty years ago – and Andy and Jamie were as competitive then as they are today! The beauty of Set4Sport is it allows children to develop their core skills in a fun environment using every day household items.”

See how the Set4Sport Superstars outplayed the World No.2 despite having an average age of less than 7-years-old here…


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