Terms and Conditions

Lesson Confirmation

Please note that all lesson bookings are confirmed on the basis that you will honour the commitment of your requested lesson booking.

A reminder email will be sent to you to eliminate the chance of your booking slipping your mind.
Please note however, that in cases where no reminder is sent, the confirmed lesson booking remains confirmed.

In cases where the agreed payment has not been received for the requested booking, the time slot allocated may be awarded to another pre-paid student.


Cancellation Policy

In the event that you wish to cancel your confirmed booking, please notify in advance with a minimum of 24 hours before the confirmed starting time of your lesson. Cancellation after the allowed 24-hour cancellation period will be charged in full and deducted from your lesson package.

Please be reminded that any court hire fees that were incurred based on your confirmed booking will need to be reimbursed by online bank transfer or by cash at your next lesson.
This is due to the fact that court hire fees are not refundable by the tennis centres.

If you have a permanent booking at the same time slots and require a cancellation, court hire fees will be waived if you provide notice of at least 15 days before the scheduled lesson.

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