LEARN from these Images #3

This is the 3rd part of our visual learning series. The photographs chosen at OnCourt Advantage are carefully selected to ensure they have great value for you to learn from and improve your game.

We have made it much faster and easier for you see our photos by providing links to them. Basically, now you have a photo directory with a brief description that states which player is in the photo and what they are demonstrating.

To see part 1 click this link-> Learn Through Images: Photographic Memory. To see part 2 click this link-> Learn from these Images.

Throughout this series you have the opportunity to select the images that demonstrate what YOU need to work on in your game. Keep these images clear in your mind the next time you play and try to achieve these movements as you practice, train or compete. If you focus on doing this, then you will have an OnCourt Advantage.

A picture speaks a thousand words! If you feel you have paralysis from analysis by working with your coach then try to… clear your mind…RELAX…then work on recalling these images and make your sole focus trying to execute them.

Once you can recall your selected image or images at-will, THEN it will dramatically increase your ability to reproduce these movements in your own game. This will really accelerate your learning.

Click on the underlined links to see the next 10 photos:

  1. Roger Federer. This photo captures Federer’s absolutely brilliant service action. Here his racquet has already begun swinging to the ball toss.
  2. Fernando Verdasco. This photo shows Verdasco positioning himself to launch his powerful serve.
  3. Jelena Jankovic. This photo is fantastic as it captures Jankovic displaying beautiful positioning and racquet alignment a short time after making contact with her forehand drive.
  4. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. This photo shows Tsonga’s double handed backhand drive. Tsonga still manages to achieve a good extension through the hitting zone despite being on the run and in a defensive court position.
  5. Rafael Nadal. This photo shows that when Nadal wants to attack and finish his opponent off with his forehand he drives his racquet out through the hitting zone.
  6. Nadia Petrova. This photo captures Petrova a millisecond after making contact with the ball whilst serving. The tall Russian makes fairly good use of her reach here.
  7. Amelie Mauresmo. This photo is a gem because it shows the perfect positioning of Mauresmo. She has already begun driving her racquet to the ball for her supreme one-handed backhand.
  8. Roger Federer. This photo is taken of Federer’s forehand volley when the ball is only just starting to rebound from his racquet. Federer illustrates where to make contact with the ball.
  9. Roger Federer. This photo is taken of Federer as he prepares himself exceptionally well to play his one-handed backhand.
  10. Juan Martin del Potro.This photo shows del Potro quite a while after the impact point for his serve. Del Potro displays great posture and body positioning here.

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