LEARN from these Images #7

This is the 7th part of our visual learning series. The photographs chosen at OnCourt Advantage are carefully selected to ensure they have great value for you to learn from and improve your game. See the photo directory below; it lists a brief description of which player is in the photo and what they are demonstrating.

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Clear your mind…RELAX…then work on recalling these images and make your sole focus trying to execute them in order to reproduce that movement in your own game.

In order to get the feeling for these movements and images you can practice off court and without a ball. Copy these images in front of a mirror so that you can really make sure you are achieving the same positions captured in these photos.

Click on the underlined links to see the next 10 photos in this series:

  1. Zheng Jie. This photo captures Zheng demonstrating her forward swing to the ball as it approaches with her double handed backhand ground stroke.
  2. Rafael Nadal. This photo captures Nadal in the early preparation stage of his mighty forehand ground stroke.
  3. Maria Sharapova. This photo shows Sharapova preparing to play her double handed backhand drive.
  4. Radek Stepanek. This photo shows Stepanek after making contact with the ball for his serve.
  5. Agnieszka Radwanska. This photo shows Radwanska prior to impact for her single handed backhand volley.
  6. Melanie Oudin. This photo captures rising star Oudin in the early stages of her forward swing towards the impact point with her double handed backhand ground stroke.
  7. Nikolay Davydenko. This photo is a gem because it shows a side view of Davydenko shortly after striking the ball during his service action.
  8. Roger Federer. This photo is fantastic as it shows Federer positioning his upper body and head beautifully just prior to impact for this single handed backhand volley.
  9. Li Na. This photo captures Li well positioned as she swings forward and is almost at the point of impact with her forehand drive.
  10. Venus Williams. This photo is magnificent because it captures a relaxed yet concentrated Venus setting the ball up in the early stages of her service motion.

Pictured above is Chilean Fernando Gonzalez moving through his forward swing prior to contact for this forehand drive. Gonzalez was a semi finalist at the French Open earlier this year and is one of 7 players still in the running to qualify for the final 2 spots in the men’s end of year championships (ATP Tour Finals).

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