LEARN from these Images #2

Just as OCA advised in the post “Learn Through Images: Photographic Memory” make sure you also commit these following images to your memory.

By doing this the next time you play, you will have an OnCourt Advantage. This will be because you will be able to recall these images at will. This type of recall makes it much easier for you to reproduce these movements in your own game. Therefore, you will be able to accelerate your learning.

The photos we refer to below are posted throughout the OnCourt Advantage website and have great value for your game. These 11 photos can be found by clicking on the underlined links:

  1. Venus Williams. The photo captures Venus performing a 2 handed backhand on the run.
  2. Andy Roddick. The photo shows Roddick in the waiting position ready to return a serve.
  3. Rafael Nadal. This photo displays Nadal’s extension through the hitting zone on his 2 handed backhand.
  4. Caroline Wozniacki. This photo is fantastic and isolates Wozniacki’s beautiful preparation for the forward swing of her 2 handed backhand drive.
  5. Sania Mirza. This photo shows Mirza moving in to strike a 2 handed backhand approach shot.
  6. Andy Murray. The photo captures Murray about to play a low forehand ground stroke.
  7. Svetlana Kuznetsova. This photo is great because it shows the position of Kuznetsova and her racquet when she plays her mighty inside out forehand. The inside out forehand is also known as an off forehand.
  8. Victoria Azarenka. This photo is taken of Azarenka’s 2 handed backhand drive just after impact with the ball. Azarenka is illustrating how to drive the racquet head through the ball.
  9. Maria Sharapova. This photo is taken of Sharapova attacking a forehand ground stroke.
  10. Roger Federer. These 2 photos are amazing and capture Federer executing his forehand drive at impact and immediately after impact with the ball.

What did YOU learn? Which stroke or moment in a stroke would you like to study an image of? 

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Richard.Fisher