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In this edition of Tennis Tips we show you how to serve. The worst thing you can do when you are trying to serve is to get too tense and anxious and try to hit the ball hard. So relax, stay loose and just try to feel the ball coming off the sweet spot of your racquet.

Below you will find a photo directory of how to serve and who each picture features. The photos are listed in order of when that movement occurs in the service motion. The photos are ordered from the start of the motion through to the end of the serve. When we post new pictures of the serve we will add them to this post, so revisit this page often!

You should really try to reproduce these movements in your own game. It does NOT matter that these are the pros, everybody can physically move their body into these positions. Of course, the explosiveness of your serve, the amount of spin you produce and how fast your serve is in comparison will not be the same as these Pro serves. However, there is nothing stopping you from achieving great improvements with your serve by adjusting you service movements.

Pictured above is Andy Roddick displaying 3 parts of his service motion. Roddick produced the fastest ever recorded serve in tennis when he hit a 155 miles per hour (approximately 249 kilometres per hour) serve in a 2004 Davis Cup match.

Click on the underlined links to see each photo:

  1. Dinara Safina
  2. Serena Williams
  3. Gilles Simon
  4. Fernando Verdasco
  5. Caroline Wozniacki
  6. Roger Federer
  7. Novak Djokovic
  8. Nadia Petrova
  9. Roger Federer
  10. Vera Zvonareva
  11. Elena Dementieva
  12. Juan Martin del Potro
  13. Daniela Hantuchova
  14. Nikolay Davydenko
  15. Radek Stepanek

Which photo did YOU learn the most from? What did YOU learn? Who would YOU like to see next? Which moment in a stroke would YOU like to study an image of next? What would you like to see covered next in Tennis Tips?

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