Learn Through Images: Photographic Memory

Remember the photos that go with our posts at OnCourt Advantage when you go out on court to play. Try to commit these images to your memory. We try to use photos that have great value in terms of learning how to play the game better wherever possible.

The photo’s we choose will be relevant to that particular POST. Therefore, we may not always select an educational photo. If YOU have photos which capture great insights into learning how to play tennis better, please send them through to info@oncourtadvantage.com.

The first 5 photos that we posted that have great value for your game can be found by clicking these links:

  1. Serena Williams. The photo captures Serena performing a 2 handed backhand on the run.
  2. Dinara Safina. The photo shows Safina serving just after she has executed the ball toss.
  3. Serena Williams. This photo is fantastic and isolates Serena just before impact during her 2 handed backhand.
  4. Roger Federer. This photo shows Federer striking the ball with his one-handed slice backhand.
  5. Elena Dementieva. This photo is taken of Dementieva’s vastly improved serve not long after striking the ball.

Which one do you think you can learn the most from? What did YOU learn? Who would you like to see next? Which stroke or moment in a stroke would you like to study an image of? We are interested in hearing your feedback…

Today’s POST is dedicated to Vitas Gerulaitis. Gerulaitis was born on this day in 1954 and won his Grand Slam singles title at the Australian Open in 1977. The American was runner-up at the US Open in 1979 to John McEnroe and again in 1980 at Roland Garros to Bjorn Borg. His highest career ranking of No.3 was achieved in 1978.

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