Men’s Tennis: ATP Tour 500 Tournaments

The Official ATP Tour 500 Category Tournament Logo

This page is an ongoing piece that once completed will provide a directory for each of the 11 ATP Tour 500 category tournaments in 2012 that are LISTED BELOW. Any places that are in blue letters already have the link to that particular tournament’s index or directory page to all of the posts covered on each of these tournaments here at OnCourt Advantage.

The purpose of this page is to make it far easier and much quicker for YOU to find the information that YOU are looking for. In 2012 there are ATP Tour 63 men’s tournaments in total including the Olympics.

ATP Tour 500 tournaments:

  1. ROTTERDAM – Main Draw 13-19 February
  2. MEMPHIS – Main Draw 20-26 February
  3. DUBAI – Main Draw 27 February to 3 March
  4. ACAPULCO – Main Draw 27 February to 3 March
  5. BARCELONA – Main Draw 23-29 April
  6. HAMBURG – Main Draw 16-22 July
  7. WASHINGTON – Main Draw 30 July to 5 August
  8. BEIJING – Main Draw 1-7 October
  9. TOKYO – Main Draw 1-7 October
  10. VALENCIA – Main Draw 22-28 October
  11. BASEL – Main Draw 22-28 October

Stay tuned as EVERY major men’s and women’s tournament plus all four of the Grand Slams are covered throughout the year to make it easy to follow tennis, find, ask questions, get your tennis tickets and watch men’s and women’s professional tennis on the WTA and ATP Tour.