WTA Premier Tournaments: 2013

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This page is an ongoing piece to make it far easier and much quicker for YOU to find the information that YOU are looking for about the 2013 WTA Premier category tournaments.

Once completed this page will provide a directory for each of the 12 WTA Premier tournaments in 2013 that are listed below. The directory pages contain interesting and useful details including, how to buy official tickets, how to “Like” and “Follow” the official tournament Facebook and Twitter pages, the official tournament name given sponsorship naming rights, qualifying dates, main draw dates and the day of the singles final, the current title holder, centre court facts i.e. seating capacity and how long the event has been held.

Of the twelve WTA Premier tournaments two are held on indoor courts (Paris and Moscow), six on outdoor hard courts (Brisbane, Sydney, Dubai, Stanford, Carlsbad and New Haven), two on outdoor clay courts (Charleston and Brussels), one on indoor clay (Stuttgart) and one on grass (Eastbourne).

Once the 2013 directory page is completed for each of these WTA Premier tournaments a link to that page will be added to the name of the city where that WTA Premier tournament will be held. The links appear in blue letters and contain that particular tournament’s index or directory page to all of the posts covered for that tournament here at OnCourt Advantage.

WTA Premier tournament calendar in date order for 2013 is:

  1. BRISBANE in Australia – Main Draw 30 December to 5 January
  2. SYDNEY in Australia – Main Draw 6-11 January
  3. PARIS in France – Main Draw 28 January to 3 February
  4. DUBAI in the UAE – Main Draw 18-23 February
  5. CHARLESTON in the USA – Main Draw 1-7 April
  6. STUTTGART in Germany – Main Draw 22-28 April
  7. BRUSSELS in Belgium – Main Draw 20-25 May
  8. EASTBOURNE in Great Britain – Main Draw 17-22 June
  9. STANFORD in the USA – Main Draw 22-28 July
  10. CARLSBAD in the USA – Main Draw 29 July to 4 August
  11. NEW HAVEN in the USA – Main Draw 18-24 August
  12. MOSCOW in Russia – Main Draw 14-20 October

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