China Open 2010: October 1-10

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Pictured above is the centre court at the China Open in Beijing. This year the China Open is being held at the Olympic Green Tennis Center in Beijing for the second time. The China Open is the 4th and final Premier Mandatory level tournament making it one of THE most important tournaments on the WTA Tour each year and has 4.5 million US dollars in prize money up for grabs.

This women’s tournament runs from Friday 1 October through to Women’s Singles Final Day on Sunday 10 October in Beijing. The main draw contains 60 players and the qualifying event fields a further 32 players. This year the 1st round of the main draw will commence on Monday 4 October.

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  1. Dear Soren,

    Firstly, thank you for commenting at Yes I agree. The sooner the tournaments can post the order of play on the internet, the better it is for their chances to sell more tickets. From watching the China Open in Beijing on television it certainly does NOT appear to be anywhere near sold out.

    14 of the 16 second round matches have been played so far. Caroline Wozniacki did not play on either Monday or Tuesday so her 2nd round match must be played tomorrow along with the 3rd round matches that are scheduled to be played tomorrow. The link for buying tickets for the China Open just lists a phone number to ring to buy tickets 4007076666 and here is the tickets link for the tournament venue address Hope this helps! Please let me know if you need more information.


  2. It is incredible that on Monday the 3rd at 11 p.m., you cannnot see who is playing Tuesday. I do not regard this to increase the number of audience. If it is because all seats are taken, it is acceptabel, if not ………………………………

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