Cincinnati 2012 Women’s Schedule of Play

The 2012 Cincinnati Open women’s tennis championships are the fourth of five WTA Premier Five category tournaments in 2012 and the tenth MAJOR tournament of the “BIG 14″ for the women’s professional tennis tour. In this post how the WTA ranking points, prize money are allocated and what the schedule of play is so YOU can follow, watch and/or attend this tournament.

The women’s event is being played  at the Linder Family Tennis Centre in Cincinnati, Ohio in the USA and begins with the 48-player qualifying singles draw on Saturday 11 August. The Women’s Singles Final will be played on Sunday 19 August. The total prize money for the women’s singles event is $2,168,400.

Please leave a comment below this article regarding anything YOU would like to know about in tennis, have explained or suggest for me to write about here at OnCourt AdvantageTo watch the tennis in Singapore you need to add 12 hours to the local time in Cincinnati to work out the equivalent Singapore time for the daily 2012 Cincinnati Open Order of Play.

Please note that the tournament management can alter the schedule from day to day.

The WTA ranking points and prize money for the women’s tournament is awarded to the players like this:

  1. The winner earns 900 points + $385,000;
  2. The runner-up earns 620 points + $192,000;
  3. The two semi finalists earn 395 + $96,100;
  4. The four quarter finalists earn 225 + $45,750;
  5. The 8 players who lose in the round of 16 earn 125 + $22,060;
  6. The 16 players who lose in the 2nd round earn 70 + $11,300;
  7. The *24 players who lose in the 1st round earn 1 point + $6,100;
  8. The 12 players who qualify earn 30 points for qualifying;
  9. The 12 players who lose in the 2nd round of qualifying earn 12 points +$2,050;
  10. The 24 players who lose in the 1st round of qualifying receive 1 point + $1,080.

The schedule of play for the entire 2012 Cincinnati Open women’s singles draw is:

  • Saturday 11 August: Qualifying Draw 1st round from 10am;
  • Sunday 12 August: Qualifying 2nd round from 10am and 7pm;
  • Monday 13 August: Main Draw 1st round from 11am and 7pm;
  • Tuesday 14 August: 1st round from 11am and 7pm;
  • Wednesday 15 August: 2nd round from 11am and 7pm;
  • Thursday 16 August: Round of 16 from 11am and 7pm;
  • Friday 17 August: Quarter Finals from 11am and 7pm;
  • Saturday 18 August: Semi Finals back-to-back from 1pm; and
  • Sunday 19 August: Women’s Singles Finals at 12:30pm.

*The points awarded to a 1st round loser vary according to how they were allocated a place in the 1st round.

For further details about the different rankings points allocations for different situations for 1st round losers and for players who gain entry into the main draw from the qualifying event you will be able to click here once the following post is completed-> Cincinnati 2012 Women’s Qualifying Singles Draw.

To get you started, did you know that if any of the 8 seeded players who lose their first match after being given a bye into the 2nd round are treated as a 1st round loser for ranking points allocation purposes i.e. they receive just 1 point for losing their first match.

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